Loving out of the suitcase

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Dec 31, 2010

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Who said travel meant no sex? We show you how to heat things up on the move


Too many official trips, they say, can ruin your sex life. We, on the contrary, insist it can do a lot to fuel the fire that you fear will die down. Just make sure you get your outdoor duty dates adjusted to sync with your spouse's offs, and follow our guide on how to turn boring travel time into a love (and lust) tour...




Sharman Joshi and Gul Panag might have messed up their act in the big time flop, Hello, but we bet you can do better. Choose a relatively deserted area after sunset while you're driving to that conference in the closeby town, and roll up the windows before getting on to the backseat. Make sure you're not inviting unwanted attention from anyone locals, patrol vans or even barking dogs the slightest interruption can spoil it all. Fondle, tickle and get as intimate as possible going all the way might be a tad difficult, but the fun, after all, lies in intimacy in spite of the fear.


Back on track


The train's one mode of transport that can give your gyrating skills a good run for their money with its own. Turn adventurous choose a 'decent' route (you know what we mean) and book a single berth (preferably the uppermost one) for the two of you when you need to step out of the city. This way, you'll not only play slump-smart but sleep-smart, too! Cosy up under the blanket once the lights are turned off it's sometimes fun to sweat it out to the sound of snoring! If you don't like the idea of spying co-passengers, shell out a few extra bucks for the first class coach. Draw the curtains to ensure privacy, switch off the lights, play some soft music and go for it. While the moving train helps you with the rhythm, look out for the TT on his customary ticket checking rounds.


Titanic maarne ka


That cross-continental conference may not be such a bad thing after all. If you have a few extra days in hand, it might double up as the dream-cruise you always wanted to go on. Amid the scenic setting of the sea, tides and the sunset, set sail into fantasy. Take a cue from Titanic it can turn out to be a journey of rediscovery and ecstasy. Take long walks around the deck, do the duet, watch the moon and melt into each other's arms in a secluded corner. Just make sure it doesn't get wild enough to throw both of you off board!


Ab bus


When it comes to using public conveyance, the trick is to keep it subtle yet seductive. Make sure you occupy a seat that doesn't make you the unwanted cynosure of all eyes, and let your partner perch on another. Eye games make for an ideal pastime, and sexy numbers on the iPod can add to the play. When it comes to getting more intimate, exercise control, lest the conductor throws you out ;)


Wings of desire


Yeah, we know you can't afford a private jet yet, but good old domestic airways, too can help pump up the passion. How about locking yourselves up in the loo for a while? For inspiration, watch the 1974 Holly hit Emmanuelle, that'll send you off on flights of fantasy with its tantalising scenes. Make sure that you bolt the door tightly from the inside, and get as experimental as you can. And yeah, don't end up getting caught.


Love in a metro


Make the most of your daily commute in the Metro rail. As the crowd pushes you closer toward your crush, go a step further to stand at such proximity that you can feel each other's breaths. The warm whiff, combined with forced restraint, will make him/her go weak in the knees. Swing to and fro with the carriage, don't stop yourself from brushing against him/her, though don't go OTT with the touch bit, unless you want to entertain onlookers. Bon voyage!



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