Love to wear imported jewellery- know the hidden danger

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Apr 21, 2016

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Quick Bites

  • Gold can cause dermatitis especially if it is mixed with other metals.
  • Nickel has been proven to cause lung cancer.
  • Copper can cause skin allergies.
  • Mercury can cause problems to one’s reproductive organs.

It is no news that goldsmiths work with metals to produce impeccably designed jewellery that is every woman’s best friend. And it should be no news to people that our bodies react to metal, the salts and oxides they make up and their dusts. Some of the common metals used to make jewellery include rhodium, steel, zinc, silver, copper, gold, platinum, iridium, titanium, aluminium and niobium and more.



So, here is a look into dangerous health effects different metals used in imported jewellery can have on the body.


Gold jewellery

Goldsmiths use both pure as well as mixes of copper, silver etc when making gold jewellery. While it is the least likely for gold itself to cause dermatitis of the skin, the chances of developing it may be high when gold is used with other metals that it may have been alloyed with. Moreover, the lower the karat is, the more the chances of skin reaction will be. Exposure to gold has been implicated in different types of kidney diseases apart from skin reactions.


Lead jewellery

There has been a lot said about the side-effects of lead and that is real even when it is not part of the food we consume. Lead when worn as jewellery can get absorbed into the skin and cause serious health hazards. Also, lead must not be kept in the open. It must be kept wrapped in a latex grove or other such covering.


Copper jewellery

Jewellery that is mass produced for fashion purposes is made of copper or copper alloys. Copper has been found to cause allergies and the salts in it if ingested can cause dermatitis, especially if you have a regular skin contact with them. Similarly, fumes from copper if inhaled can cause metal fume fever. It may be a great idea to pickle and rinse copper from time to time to reduce exposure to copper oxide.


Mercury jewellery

Mercury has been cited as being really bad for causing all types of health issues ranging from short term, long term, chronic and acute. It has been proven to cause issues of the central nervous system, kidneys and reproductive organs, etc. When tested on animals, mercury was found to reduce male sex drive, cause miscarriages, infertility in men as well as women, birth defects, retarded growth of the baby.


Nickel jewellery

Contrary to common belief, nickel is commonly used in jewellery because of its bleaching effect. Nickel fumes have been proven to be carcinogenic and the most commonly reported problems due to exposure to nickel include nasal sinus, larynx and lung cancers. Allergy caused by nickel tends to also last for a really long time.
Therefore, it is best to avoid wearing imported jewellery as much as possible. Even if you cannot avoid it permanently, try to not wear such jewellery for a prolonged period of time. reproductive organs.


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