Life with Type 2 Diabetes

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Mar 27, 2012

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Living with type 2 diabetes is a lot easier now-a-days compared to what it used to be. With proper management, which is much advanced these days, you can expect to lead a normal life. The latest drug options, methods of home glucose monitoring, early diagnosis in many cases and a number of researches have made life with type diabetes much more manageable. These methods may have made the condition controllable for diabetics, but it has not become a lot easier.

To live with diabetes type 2, the following tips could be handy for patients:

  • Expect certain changes in your life – Many times the patients feel overburdened by the changes in life brought about by their diabetic condition. Be it the additional health costs, overzealous or unsupportive family members or relatives, feeling burnout by the daily regimen of diabetes treatment which includes finger pricking, monitoring of food and exercise; or being unable to attend social gatherings. If they expect these changes, it would help to cope better.
  • Blood glucose monitoring – This is one of the critical factors in dealing with diabetes. Blood glucose is the only diabetes symptom with which the condition is measured for its severity. The better the control of blood glucose level, the lesser are the risks of complications. This would be a part of daily life for diabetics and they should get used to it.
  • Exercise – Regular exercise is as much a part of diabetes management as controlling sugar. Physical activity helps to not only achieve beneficial weight loss, but also enable your cells to assimilate insulin more efficiently.
  • Weight monitoring – For diabetics, monitoring weight is critical to managing their condition. Keep in mind that fat cells are more resistant to insulin than muscle cells. So, it naturally follows that having more of fat cells in the body would make it difficult for your body to use the insulin produced by your body. So, monitor your weight to control your condition better.
  • Diabetes education – You can get yourself a course in diabetes management too. It helps you gain a better understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the disease, information on reading food labels and eating in moderation, and complete explanation on how the complications of diabetes may affect the patients and effective ways to prevent their occurrence.

Diabetes can seem to be a multi-dimensional enemy attacking you from all sides. But with a number of treatments available, you can not only cope with it but live well too.



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