Lab Eggs to Cure Infertility

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Oct 06, 2012

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Lab Eggs to Cure Infertility

By using normal cells from adult mice researchers claim to have developed eggs that could raise human hope to cure infertility.


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This new study has opened up possibilities for women to become free of any worries about infertility. This study means that women could now have eggs produced in a test tube with their cells if they are incapable of producing eggs on their own. The eggs then would be planted in their body and we could hope for a smooth sailing pregnancy.


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The research team from Kyoto University, Japan began with blank cells that are capable of turning into other types and then used many nutrients to create an early stage of egg. These eggs were grown in a test tube to achieve an early stage and then were planted in the mice ovaries for them to develop. The next step involves removing the eggs and using In vitro fertilization (IVF) techniques to fertilize them.

Eight puppies were successfully born in two different techniques and out of the lot one died and the others are living a healthy life. This is the first time scientists have actually succeeded in making fully functional eggs and we can only hope the best for the human race.


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