Know how colour affects your mood

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Mar 04, 2016

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Quick Bites

  • Humans associate colours with feelings.
  • The colour you wear can be a major part of the first impression you make.
  • The colours that surround you can have a significant effect on your mood.
  • Colours can have both positive and negative effect on your mood, so choose wisely.

Have you ever wondered how we describe certain emotions like we know for a fact that red colour indicates anger, there is no denying that colour certainly holds a string of your mood. So, how do colours influence how we feel? Well, there are several reasons and you will be surprised to know that certain colours may affect your blood pressure, metabolism and eyestrain.


Colour affects your mood

Let’s see how colour affects mood


Raging red

Red is considered hot and girls are crazy about it, as it evokes fear, anger and passion. According to a research, the best way for a girl to attract a boy is to wear red hot colour. You can wear a red lipstick, don a bright red nail polish or put on a sexy red dress. It may attract attention, which you may not necessarily want. Experts link red with passion because our skin tends to exhibit a red flush or blush when we are sexually interested in someone.



Blue gives you calming sense

Looking to chill out and relax after a stressful day? Slip into something blue. According to experts the psychological effect of blue is the exact opposite of red, which is, lowering the blood pressure. Have you ever thought why you feel so relaxed and calm when you look at the sky and the ocean? That’s because blue is the colour of serenity. In simple terms, you can say what you wear is what you project. Have you ever tried wearing blue for an interview? Try next time as blue is associated with trustworthiness, strength and dependability.



Green is easy

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear or see green colour? Our guess is nature. Well, colour green is closely linked to the nature and it can put you in a calm mood. Besides, anyone can carry green colour because it looks good on every skin type.



Orange is the new red

If you are not comfortable wearing red, you can use orange as the substitute. This colour is believed to stimulate enthusiasm and creativity. Nothing can symbolize vitality and endurance more aptly as orange. If you want stand out without taking a big risk, orange is the colour you should choose, because it is considered a little edgy without being too out there.



Black is what you need

Want to look slimmer for the party you have to attend tonight? Slip into something black as it will make you look few pounds slimmer instantly boosting your mood. Black makes the best and the most elegant formal wears.



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