Kids who Smoke Menthol likely to be Hooked

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Nov 16, 2012

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menthol smokers more likely to be hookedA recent study of tens of thousands of students in the U.S found that kids who smoked menthol cigarettes were about 80 per cent likely to be regular smokers over the following years when compared with those who smoked the regular sticks.  


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Menthol is a refreshing food grade agent that is added to cigarettes to give them a refreshing flavour. Critics opine that adding menthol in cigarettes is likely to encourage addiction in first time smokers, most of which are kids.


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Study leader James Nonnemaker of the research institute RTI International in Research Triangle Park<, North Carolina, said that menthol cigarettes are likely to make kids established and adult smokers over time.


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