Kids Schooling and Teachers

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Feb 01, 2013

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As children grows older (middle and late childhood years) the time that parents spend with them decreases considerably. Children become more independent and are more eager to learn than during the period of early childhood. Parents remain a major influence in their lives, but their growth and development is also shaped by friends and teachers.

Teachers have a significant role in nurturing the cognitive and socio-emotional development of children in middle and late childhood years. The cognitive development and education play a significant role determining the future of any child.


Regions of development in which your child’s teacher can influence are

  • Ability to communicate,
  • Building trust and confidence,
  • Motivate a child, and
  • Understand a child’s educational and emotional needs.

Your child’s teachers can observe and evaluate his or her performance and potential. Have a good rapport with your child’s teachers and meet them regularly;

  • To discuss your child’s grades, academic progress or personal problems.
  • As they can guide you regarding the subjects where additional assistance is needed.
  • To get an opinion on whether the child is ready for a new experience?
  • The books or classes that are recommended besides the school syllabus
  • How are children in middle childhood different from young children or adolescents, and how you ca help in their appropriate development?


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