kidney failure diagnosis and prognosis

kidney failure diagnosis and prognosis

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  • Prognosis of Kidney Failure

    Prognosis of Kidney Failure

    Chronic kidney disease progresses slowly to kidney failure. If kidney disease is not treated, it will progress to end-stage renal disease (until dialysis or transplant is required). Treatment can slow the progress of kidney disease to kidney failure. Chronic kidney disease increases the risk of strokes and heart attacks and many other complications.

  • Diagnosis of Kidney Failure

    Diagnosis of Kidney Failure

    Kidney failure is diagnosed based on tests and procedures. If kidney disease is suspected, your doctor may recommend blood tests to check for waste products such as creatinine and urea; assess glomerular filtration rate; do urine tests and imaging studies (such as ultrasound, MRI scan or CT scan) to assess your kidneys' structure, size and other abnormalities. If needed, a kidney biopsy will be done.

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