Kidney Cancer Therapy

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Apr 13, 2012

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Kidney cancer, sometimes, may not be treated with surgery alone, especially if you have metastatic cancer that has spread to other parts of the body. One among the most commonly used therapies is the targeted therapy, which targets the cancer cells at the cellular level.

Targeted Therapy

Targeted therapy involves the introduction of drugs to kill the cancer cells at the molecular level. As per the targeted therapy, the drugs focus on specific molecular growth pathways to interfere with the growth of cells, disrupt the flow of blood supply to the cells and prevent the replication of cells. Some of the drugs that are used in targeted therapy include:

Angiogenesis Inhibitors

Angiogenesis is the process by which the malignant tumours expand and metastasize i.e. form new blood vessels. Drugs named soragenib tosylate and sunitinib malate help in disrupting the angiogenesis process. These drugs interfere with the proteins that exist inside the cancer cells, thereby disrupting certain cell functions. Also called ‘multi-kinase inhibitors’, these drugs target the tumour cells as well as the tumour blood vessel structures. They work by disrupting the multiplication of cells and are administered orally.

The goal of administering these drugs in a kidney cancer patient is to reduce the growth of cancer cells or slow their growth rate. Taking these drugs may drastically reduce the number of cancer cells in a patient’s kidneys. Your physician will discuss the way your body is reacting to cancer and prescribe other drugs, if needed.


Nexavar is a drug that aims at reducing the blood supply to the cancer cells. It can also hinder the tumour growth or proliferation by blocking the Raf-Kinase pathway. Clinical studies have proven the efficacy of Nexavar in reducing the progress of tumour growth significantly.


Sutent is a drug that deprives the tumour cells of nutrients by hindering the blood supply. It has the ability to shrink the tumour greatly. Clinical studies have shown patients with metastatic kidney cancer to have favourable response to the drug.


Torisel is a kidney cancer drug that inhibits the mammalian target of rapamycin kinase, which contributes greatly to the growth of cells and their survival. By blocking the pathway, Torisel can easily reduce the ability of the tumour to stimulate angiogenesis.


Votrient is an oral medication that hinders the angiogenesis process. It hinders the growth of new blood vessels that are needed for the solid tumours to grow. This drug is recommended for those in the advanced stages of the cancer.


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