Keep Your Sex Life Hot When He is Away

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Apr 18, 2012

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Keep Your Sex Life Hot When He is AwayTake your pick and keep your sex life going even when he is away! Now, whether he is away on a business trip or you’re altogether in a long distance relationship, these tricks will surely excite your partner and retain the magnetic bond the two of you share.

Write a Love Note

Scribble a love note for your partner and while he is packing you can quickly hide it in his diary or somewhere in his luggage! No wonder he will love you for what you did! If this idea doesn’t seem to be tickling you enough to start doing it, you can send him an email! Just the gesture is enough for him to know that he’s being missed!

Visual Treat via Sexy Movie

You’ve gotta see it to do it fellows. Watch a few movies which can titillate the you in you! Think of giving Vicky Cristina Barcelona a chance to help you with that. And, how about, Jerry Maguire where a sweet-sex scene can help you put your fantasies in the right order. However, if this doesn’t do any good to you then soft porn will surely help your carnal self come in place!

Ever tried phone sex?

Distance can play its role in dampening your spirits but phone sex could just do you enough good. You’ve got to trust the power of words and be bold enough to share your fantasies with him! Who said there’s no comfort in absence?

See & be Seen

How about a striptease? Whether it’s partial or complete is your prerogative. Oh, but hang on! With online media being a boon, it also has its hideous side to it. While you do all the kinky stuff for him all you can do is try keep your face out of the frame. Be smart enough to do it. No matter if you’re confident; this word of caution can still be paid heed to.

Sext Some

Sexting is to sexcite him and a way to indulge him in this soft desire!  You can remind him of how much fun it was the last time you hit the sack together! Get naughty but also know when to send him such texts lest the plan backfires!

Click Click

With advancement in technology it isn’t as difficult to be in touch so why not send photographs. Send them through emails, share via whatsapp, BBM or any connection mode. It’s easy to do this and keep the sexual tension alive so that the next time you meet you know you’re gonna have some fun!

Parcels for Him

Whether it’s baked cookies or chocolates or his favourite books or DVDs make sure it reminds him that he is being missed terribly! If you want to make things even hotter send him naught boxers (either yours or buy one for him) or even your lingerie to keep his imagination tickr rolling. Well, this will be rewarding enough when you guys get to see other! It will keep your intimacy levels on an all time high!

Share your experiences with us once you’ve done all it takes to keep your relationship meter on the hotter side! This is going to be a win-win situation, people!



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