Try out these Kamasutra positions for happy love life

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Sep 17, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Sex can keep you healthy.
  • Kamasutra has some positions to help you have a healthy love life.
  • There are many graphic details in the Kamasutra texts.

It is well known that foreplay is more important than the actual act of intercourse. It implies that when a man and woman are completely healthy and young, sex is between the ears and not so much between the legs. This was realised in ancient times by the sages and it led to the development of Kama shastras, which were later compiled into one work we know to be Kamasutra.

Try out these Kamasutra positions for happy love life



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Kamasutra positions

  • Twining of a creeper: A woman clings to a man much like a creeper encircling a tree, the man lowers his head down towards her with the desire of kissing, and makes a “sut sut” sound, the woman embraces him. She looks lovingly towards her man in this position, which is called the “twining of a creeper”.
  • Climbing of a tree: A woman places one of her feet on the foot of the lover and the other one on his thighs; passes one of her hands round his back and the other is kept on his shoulders. She makes a cooing or singing kind of noise and acts as though she wanted to climb into the man and give a kiss, this position is called “climbing of a tree”.
  • Mixture of sesamum seeds with rice: When in bed, the lovers embrace each other in a way that the arms and thighs of one of them surrounds, and as though encloses, the arms and thighs of the other, and it is as though the body parts were rubbing against each other. This position is called “mixture of sesamum seeds with rice”.
  • Mixture of milk and water: A man and woman love each other so passionately that they grip themselves in such an embrace as though they will enter into each other’s bodies. In this amorous act, the woman is usually seated on the man’s lap, in front of him, or in bed. This fervent embrace is called “mixture of milk and water”.


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There are many graphic details in the Kamasutra texts on ways of copulation between men and women. After explaining them in detail, it is cautioned that a horse in his swiftest motion, does not pay heed to potholes, pits and ditches in the road; similarly  a loving couple may go on having sex without any regards of it having an unhealthy impact on them. That is why it is very important to get the complete knowledge of Kamasutra before trying out the sex positions. The sex positions are not suitable for all persons at all times, and the couples who intend to try them need to know the right time and suitability for each of them.



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