Is There a Particular Time to Take Aspirin

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Nov 25, 2013

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People, who are at a high risk of heart problems, need to take aspirin almost daily. But have you ever wondered if taking the medicine at a particular time can better its response on the condition?

Use of AspirinAccording to a Dutch study, it can. The new study hints that aspirin provides better protection against heart attacks or strokes if taken at bedtime. The main function of Aspirin is to prevent blood clotting by thinning the blood.

300 participants were involved in the research. These were people who had survived their first heart attack and were on Aspirin dose to ward off the risk for a second stroke. Out of these, 150 participants took 100 milligrams of Aspirin in the morning after waking up, while the other half took the same dose at bedtime. This procedure was carried on for two separate three-month periods.

The researchers wanted to see if taking aspirin at night could better thin a person's blood and potentially lower their heart attack risk, said study author Dr. Tobias Bonten, who serves in the department of clinical epidemiology at Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands.

"Since the 1980s, it's been known that cardiovascular events happen more often in the morning," Bonten said. Morning hours are a peak period of activity for platelets, blood cells that aid in clotting, he said. Doctors suspect that it might have a hand in the increased risk of heart attacks and strokes in the morning.

The activity of platelets, and hence, the chances of them clotting in the bloodstream and causing a heart attack is reduced by Aspirin, said the study. The study is scheduled for presentation on November 26 at the American Heart Association's annual meeting in Dallas.


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