Is spirituality a question of competition for you? You need to read this

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Nov 08, 2017

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Quick Bites

  • Forgive yourself for being guilty about your insecuritites.
  • Each of our journey to spirituality is unique.
  • We are all one, sisters and brothers to each other.
  • On our way to spirituality, we benefit from each other's spiritual growth.

A part of the human experience is comparing oneself with others. Well, that is natural. Social comparison is one of our innate properties that help us to find our roots and stand tall with an independent personality. You may quite innocently brush this subject of competitiveness in spirituality aside by claiming that spirituality can never be a question of who gets there first, but about realizing ego attachments and getting rid of them. You are right, but considering that we aren’t so truthful and giving in our thoughts as humans, things can’t be so perfect. Now that we are at the infant stage of our paths to spirituality, we are the most vulnerable to worldly sins (ego, greed, insecurity, etc).  Therefore, it would be unrealistic to say that one never even accidently fell to thoughts of insecurity and jealousy upon looking at the neighbor taking each breath with devotion.


If you are struggling with smothering levels of spiritual competitiveness, here are things you can do to drift away.

You are Enough

When we meet a new person who is inspirational such as a guru, we tend to compare ourselves almost instantly. This is natural and a part of our cognitive processing. The insecurity that pops out as a consequence of this processing is nothing that one should feel guilty about. To overcome feelings of insecurity and jealousy, tell yourself that you are enough right now. Acknowledge the fact that you love yourself despite of your insecurities.

Your Journey is Unlike Everyone Else’s

While on your path to spirituality, you will meet a lot of people who have their own experiences to discuss about. Do not be clouded by such thoughts as you have gained nothing so far in your journey and therefore, have nothing to talk about. Remember that your journey is unique to yours and cannot be compared with someone else’s. Each person who is born into this world has been gifted with spirituality that is just waiting to be awakened. You may think that someone is further along than you are, but then he may be looking at you and thinking the same.

It is Not a Race

We are congenially prepared to make to-do lists throughout our lives so that we do not miss out on anything. But, you cannot prepare a to-do list for spirituality because it is a natural process that must unfold naturally. You have no control over how it will turn out to be. So, relax when you are feel that someone is moving farther along the line compared with you. For all you know, he is not on the same path as you are.


We are all One

At the end of the day, the truth remains what it is. Each of us is one and if you start competing with another person on spiritual grounds, you are not competing with him but with yourself. Learn to realise this fact and respect one and all.

Understand and realise that on our way to spirituality, we benefit from each other’s spiritual growth and it is always good to follow one’s own path without being crowned by insecurity and competitiveness.


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