Is it Safe to use Double Condom?

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Jun 27, 2011

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CondomDouble-bagging condoms, i.e. using two of them together, either two male condoms one on top of the other or the female and male condom together, is not a good idea. Some people get the wrong notion that two condoms mean more protection. It is not advisable because there is every chance that the friction between the two can make them tear apart.

Use of one condom for protection against contracting HIV infection has been tested reliably. On the other hand, there have been no tests confirming that using two condoms together leads to better protection against unwanted pregnancies or transmission of HIV or other STDs. Single condoms used properly are 98% effective in preventing pregnancies and spread of HIV infection and even when they are not used properly, the success rate has been found to be as high as 85%. So, it is better to try to know the best way of using a single condom rather than trying two condoms together.

Apart from the fact that double-bagging condoms can be dangerous, ever thought the practicability of doing it. Putting on one condom is dampening enough for sex drive to many then what to talk of taking double time. The men trying to do it are losing out on pleasure for something needless. It is also certain that not only will the guy lose out on erection but also on the sexual pleasure when in the act.

By the way, if two condoms are safer than one, how about three, four or even a dozen? The more the safer? Using more than one condom is only going to increase the likelihood of contracting sexually transmitted diseases or getting an unwanted pregnancy. People who are worried about these would do better to look out for the right size of the condom by trying out different brands. Choosing the size or type of condom that fits best and is conducive to maximum sexual pleasure is far better approach than double-bagging condoms.


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