Is Osteopathy Suitable for Children?

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Dec 08, 2011

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Osteopathy has indeed emerged as a one of the more popular form of alternative healing methods. It comprises of manual procedures which are used to diagnose and treat various chronic health conditions. Osteopathic treatments consider all bodily functions as inherent to each other. As a result, they are considered to leave an impact on each other as well. Because it is sans side effects, osteopathy for children is considered to be a highly suitable alternative. It is primarily considered effective for treating structural problems in children. These in turn can give rise to several other health complications as well.

Complications Associated with Structural Problems



  • A postural problem such as scoliosis.
  • Asthmatic tendencies have also been witnessed.
  • Spasticity and cerebral palsy.
  • Delayed learning and behavioural difficulties.
  • Urinary abnormalities and disruptions.


How Would Osteopathy Treat Them?

Osteopathy for children is considered suitable for managing these health conditions because they acknowledge the internal healing mechanism of child as a very strong weapon for fighting illnesses. The procedures are meant to strengthen this internal body defence for dealing with diseases and infections. For example, if there is a symptom in a particular part of the body, osteopaths do not always consider it to be a manifestation of a problem in the same part. For instance:


  • A headache could be considered as a symptom of trauma in the spinal cord.
  • Disturbances in the body structure or head of the infant could be a result of difficulties during the childbirth process, and may also culminate in gastric and breathing difficulties.
  • A foot, hip or knee injury could be considered responsible for giving rise to back problems; especially those associated with the lower back.

Osteopathy advocates holistic healing. They provide suitable advice on posture, exercise and diet for complete cure. This approach is known to complement the natural functions of the body and can help children achieve happiness and health. It is considered far more suitable than medicinal therapies which can often prove to be harsh for the benign system of infant child.


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