Influence of Unhealthy Lifestyles of Celebrities

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Jul 20, 2012

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Every day, we look up to celebrities for various updates, the way they maintain their bodies, the way they dress up and their other lifestyle choices. When you are looking up to someone at a whole different level, tragic things are highly likely. Music videos show popular celebrities such as Lady Gaga, or Lindsay Lohan, or Nicole Richie in their delicate avatars, where their bones are sticking out. But, is it good enough to inspire you?

Unhealthy Lifestyle of Celebrities

Lady Gaga is the best example of promoting unhealthy lifestyle. Her obsession with her weight is reflected in the music video releases. She has been accused of starving to fit into her costumes. The Grammy winning music artist has starved herself to make her obsession a reality.

Kylie Minogue, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie are among others. Celebrities have a certain influence on our lifestyle. They become a part of our lives because we keep getting their twitter updates, videos that run all day on various channels and somewhat try to be like them. But, incidences of constant fights, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and random hook-ups send across negative message to the masses. Lindsay Lohan has the history of frequenting the rehab time and again. Does that serve you any good?

Effects of Unhealthy Lifestyle

  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices start with bad habits, which are difficult to give up. Inculcating unhealthy habits and choosing unhealthy food options on a regular basis raise several health concerns, such as premature ageing and obesity.
  • Habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption, sun damage, poor diet and even a lack of exercise can increase the rate of collagen breakdown to cause premature ageing and wrinkles. Moreover, going for an unhealthy workout or dietary regimen leads to health concerns.
  • Weight maintenance or weight loss regimen is bound to suffer.

Benefits of Healthy Lifestyle

Unhealthy lifestyle habits significantly increase the risk of several health ailments, falling ill and premature death. Mentioned below are some of the benefits of healthy lifestyle.

  1. Reduced chances of coronary heart diseases: Individuals practicing a healthy lifestyle, who don’t smoke, adhere to dietary regimen, have BMI index below 25 and engage in exercises everyday are less likely to be affected with coronary heart diseases.
  2. Healthy aging: A healthy lifestyle, which includes combination of a requisite dietary program, moderate alcohol consumption, physical activity and no smoking, delays ageing.
  3. Lower risk of stroke and cardio-vascular diseases: Complying with healthy habits reduces the risk of stroke by 55 percent, as per report of Women's Health Study. Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study confirmed that risk of cardio-vascular diseases gets lower by 35 percent if one follows healthy lifestyle.



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