As Indian Lok Sabha Election Results 2014 Approch We Give Tips to Politicians to Fight Stress

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May 14, 2014

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Stress Reduction Tips for Politicians As Lok Sabha Election Results ApproachIndian Lok Sabha Election Results 2014: The wait will be over on the 16th May as the 2014 Lok Sabha election results will be declared. On this fateful day India will welcome her new Prime Minister.

The counting for the Lok Sabha election 2014 (Indian General Elections 2014) is expected to start at 8 am and as per the Election Commission, all trends of Lok Sabha election result 2014 will be in by 11 am and the final Lok Sabha election 2014 result would be known by 3-4 pm. During this time it is essential to understand that a Politician fighting for the Lok Sabha elections (Indian General Elections 2014 Results) would be under immense stress. A politician in India is such a person who has dedicated his or her life entirely to serve the country and now only with age and maturity gets to dawn the hat of being a mass leader. Therefore, this is the shot that will take them to higher grounds, for a higher purpose in life. Stress during such a time (Results of Lok Sabha Election 2014 / Indian General Elections) is inevitable. Let us see how a politician can avoid stressing before the election results of 2014 Lok Sabha Elections get declared.


It is important that in order to avoid stress one must always be cultivating a social network, by this we mean friends, relatives, immediate family, pets, or just people with whom you may feel comfortable with. Evidences suggest that by amplifying one’s social connection one can improve on both mental and physical health. Staying lonely can be devastating as it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and increases stress.

Think Positive

It is very important to understand that the results do not matter, what matters is that you gave your best shot. If you have positive thoughts you will help yourself grow, your body will be healthier, and your mind calmer and you will more or less find yourself happier. Moreover there is no use to worry, now that everything has been done. The campaigns of Lok Sabha Election are off, people have voted and results of Indian Election 2014 will soon be out!


In order to relax you must pick up a new habit. Try your hand at meditation, tai chi, yoga, or a walk on the beach, as these would lower your blood pressure, and slow your respiration and metabolism, and also release muscle tension. Numerous studies have proven time and again that just by walking on a regular basis you can bring about a lot of difference to your body and your mind. If you choose to meditate or do yoga then that will bring about massive changes in you and you will be able to focus better. The result of Lok Sabha Election (Indian Election, Election Results 2014, Election Results, Indian Lok Sabha Election, Election Resuls, Indian General Elections) will be announced on 16th of May 2014.


It is quite well known that over a period of time chronic stress is the cause for neuronal death and slows down neurogenesis. Exercise is one of the best tools to be healthy and fit and it has a counter effect on stress in your brain. People who do not exercise much have greater stress related atrophy of the hippocampus. Also if you exercise regularly, you will sleep well, and stress has a major effect on a good night’s sleep.

The 2014 general elections (Lok Sabha Elections 2014 / Indian General Elections) took place in India in order to constitute the 16th Lok Sabha, and according to the Election Commission of India, the electoral population in 2014 is 814.5 million. This is the largest in the world. This election is considered to be the longest and the most expensive one that the nation has ever seen.

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