Indian diet for weight loss

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Sep 02, 2011

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Indian meals have started to become popular in different parts of the world because of being healthier, particularly when compared with countries such as USA.The emphasis in Indian homes on home-cooked food is also being appreciated.

Rice, whole wheat bread, lots of vegetables and dairy constitute a staple Indian diet.There are ways in which you can incorporate the Indian cooking practices for having delectable meals that make you healthy too and can help in weight loss too.



Indian diet

How is Indian Food Good as weight loss diet

  • Uses of spice instead of oil In Indian foods, spices play a bigger role in adding flavour than oil. Most of the Indian foods are steamed or cooked with water rather than fried. Adding spices need not necessary mean making it too hot for your tongue. Spices not only make the food taste good, they also make you feel more satisfied while eating and this makes you eat less. The digestive properties of many spices also make them healthy for you. Cardamom, cloves and fennel seeds are some such spices.


  • Low fat ingredients A lot of low-fat ingredients are used in Indian cooking. Vegetables, rice and legumes are common in Indian dishes. The method of baking wheat for bread the Indian style is far healthier than the European method of bread making. Roti, Tandoori Roti and Tandoori Nan are baked breads that are some foods prepared by baking bread. They are a very useful addition to your weight loss diet. If oils and fats such as ghee are consciously not used, Indian recipes are excellent as weight loss diet.


  • High Fibre ContentThe legumes, beans, grains that are commonly found in Indian foods make it an excellent choice for weight loss. Eating high fibre foods bring about the feeling of being full sooner and prevent you from your inclination to overeat. The nutrients gained through foods high in fibre and vitamins helps your body burn fat more effectively.


  • Ayurvedic Tips to Lose Weight Indian way of cooking is based on Ayurvedic principles. Some specific weight loss remedies are also available in Ayurveda. One such remedy is the mixture of 1 tablespoon honey in a glass of warm water to be taken in the morning. Other simple home remedies include carrot juice, having lemon tea, mint chutneys, regular eating of cabbage. The practice of chewing the food well in saliva before taking down is an excellent way to lose weight. The enzymes present in saliva help in digestion and dissolve your fat too.



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