Immigration has been tied to rising number of Latino and Asian Smokers

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Aug 13, 2014

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A new study has revealed that the perennial immigrant search for leading a better life does not necessarily bring about better health. The study which was titled “Gender, Acculturation and Smoking Behaviour Among U.S. Asian and Latino Immigrants“ found that the longer Asian as well as Latino immigrants were in the United States, the more frequently they were seen to smoke.

smokingThe study, however, reveals good news for those who succeed in learning as well as assimilating English were linked to reduction in smoking. The authors of the study theorized that feeling comfortable with adopted culture as well as mastering the language provides better opportunities, more financial comfort and less stress.

Bridget Gorman, chair and professor of sociology at Rice and the lead author of the study said, “Immigrants who form strong connections to the U.S. through English-language proficiency and citizenship acquisition benefit in terms of reduced smoking”.

The summary of the finding mentioned that this could be because the stresses that are associated with adapting to the U.S. have fallen dramatically. However, since both English-language proficiency and citizenship are linked with higher socio-economic standing, this could indicate that smoking is lower among those who are the most economically well-off migrants.

The study had showed that Latino immigrant men smoke more than twice the rate of Latinas i.e. about 30 percent compared to about 13 percent. The same was true of Asian immigrants, though the disparity was seen to be wider at 30 percent compared to 7 percent.

The study also found that women tend to smoke more when they migrate. It is believed that despite the obvious health risks involves, women had taken part in smoking for more than once in the United States where gender behavioural norms are not as delineated as those in the native countries.

Among the other findings in the study were differences that existed within Asian as well as Latino groups.

Article source: Fox news
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