If you have diabetes you are at high risk of heart attack and stroke

By  ,  National Institute of Health
Dec 15, 2017

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Quick Bites

  • Heart attack can occur at an early age.
  • Take control of your diabetes with ABCs.

Heart If you have diabetes, you are at high risk for heart attack and stroke.

Heart disease is more likely to strike you—and at an earlier age—than someone without diabetes. But you can fight back. Be smart about your heart. Take control of the ABCs of diabetes and live a long and healthy life.

A is for A1C

The A1C (A-one-C) test—short for hemoglobin
A1C—measures your average blood
glucose (sugar) over the last 3 months.

Suggested target: below 7

B is for blood pressure

High blood pressure makes your heart
work too hard.

Suggested target: below 130/80

C is for cholesterol

Bad cholesterol, or LDL, builds up
and clogs your blood vessels.

Suggested LDL target: below 100

Ask your health care provider these questions:

  1. What are my ABC numbers?
  2. What should my ABC target numbers be?
  3. What actions should I take to reach my ABC target numbers?

 Take action now to lower your risk for heart attack and stroke and other diabetes problems:

  • Get at least 30 minutes of physical activity 5 days a week.
  • Eat less fat and salt.
  • Eat more fiber—choose whole grains,fruits, vegetables and beans.
  • Stay at a healthy weight.
  • Stop smoking—ask your provider for help.
  • Take medicines as prescribed.
  • Ask your doctor about taking aspirin.
  • Ask others to help you manage your diabetes.

                          Be smart about your heart!


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