Hypnosis to help in Breast Cancer Treatment

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Jun 16, 2011

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Breast pain

A new study has confirmed that hypnosis or the art of hypnotic induction can help in breast cancer treatment by reducing the time required for recovery after surgery. It is also being touted that hypnosis will also lessen of breast cancer coming back.

The study to see if hypnosis can actually help in cancer treatment was conducted with a sample group of 78 women who were scheduled to have surgeries for breast cancer treatment. The common link between all the surgeries was that each involved the removal of a part of the breast. For the experiment, 18 patients were hypnotised before surgery and were given an anaesthetic only to numb the area that was to be operated upon. The others were given general anaesthesia that led to complete unconsciousness. The results confirmed that the patients who were hypnotised had to stay on the operation table for 6 minutes more than patients who were anaesthetised. However, the hypnotised patients required lesser powerful painkilling drugs and they also recovered faster post the surgery.

Hypnotherapy has been used as an alternative therapy to relieve people from various problems such as obesity. In fact hypnotherapy has also been practiced on cancer patients to provide them with temporary relief. However, this is the first time that hypnosis has been used to aid breast cancer treatment.



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