Hydrotherapy for Hip Bursitis

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Jul 02, 2012

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Hydrotherapy for Hip Bursitis

A treatment for hip bursitis aims to control inflammation caused by the disease. There are several ways to treat hip bursitis, hydrotherapy being one of them. To device an appropriate treatment, a health care provider conducts a thorough examination of the affected area. Water therapy is one of the most effective medical interventions that ease bursitis pain in the hip.


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Hip Bursitis (Inflammation of the Hip Bursa)

  • Bursa, a fluid-filled sac within a joint, lubricates and cushions the joints. The inflammation of joints is related to repetitive motion or wear and tear of the bursa after a certain age.
  • A common sign of hip bursitis is hip pain, which develops due to an inflammation of the bursal sac that is positioned in the upper part of the femur bone, generally referred to as greater trochanter.
  • Each time a tendon is moved, the individual experiences discomfort. A patient with hip bursitis experiences pain when he/she tries to walk.


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All about Hydrotherapy

  • There is no definite procedure of hydrotherapy. How hydrotherapy should be given  depends on the extent of the inflammation.
  • To do hydrotherapy, water is usually heated to the temperature that renders relaxation to muscles.
  • In some cases, hydrotherapy begins with a simple floater in a tub to take the pressure off the affected hip joint.
  • While bursa heals, several motion exercises are performed whereby the joints are gently moved. The therapist decides the progression of motion.
  • One must follow instructions advised by the health care provider before warming and loosening the joints during hydrotherapy.
  • Make sure that water is not so hot to prevent blood circulation in the joints.
  • After hydrotherapy, one is able to move the joint or muscle without putting too much pressure on it.
  • Hydrotherapy ascertains that no further injury is caused to the joint. In other words, the buoyancy of water exerts less pressure on the joint even if one engages in intense physical activity.


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Important Considerations for Hydrotherapy

  • Hydrotherapy may make the treated area red and to swell, which may worsen the inflammation.
  • To reduce the swelling and pain, cold water or ice packs should be used as compressors.
  • Immersion in warm water for a prolonged period may alleviate body temperature. Therefore, warm water hydrotherapy should be avoided if one has fever.
  • Sometimes, the bursa is not so inflamed to be treated only through hydrotherapy. In such cases, the health experts advise consulting a massage therapist to perform a myofascial release therapy that loosens or releases tightness in the fascia. Chiropractic is another alternative treatment that includes joint and spine manipulation.


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