How your teeth change with age

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Feb 02, 2013

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Quick Bites

  • Our teeth require care and vigilance to stay white and healthy.
  • Acid erosion is one of the primary oral problems.
  • Bruxism does cause some wear and tear of your teeth.
  • Staining can occur over time.

Our teeth require care and vigilance to stay white and healthy. We are told to brush them at least twice a day, floss between them regularly and chew sugar free gum to protect them against bacteria. Dentists even advise we have three different types of brush to get into the different cavities. On top of all this, we receive reminders in the post that it’s time for another check-up and cleaning; as if all the above cleaning wasn’t already enough!

care for teeth

It just goes to show how important they are and how they can evolve during your lifetime. Each tooth only has one life, and repairs and maintenance – i.e. fillings, root canal treatment or chipped enamel - do not come cheap, which is why we are encouraged to give our teeth the attention they deserve.  This piece will list a few issues which compromise both their aesthetic and functional values.


Acid erosion

Acid erosion is one of the primary oral problems. When you consume sugary or acidic substances – such as fruit juices or sodas - particles lodge in your mouth afterwards.  These particles are allowed to ferment and produce an acid which attacks the enamel protection of your teeth. Over the course of your lifetime, this type of acidic onslaught will have a detrimental impact on the quality of your teeth.  Many people think that fruit juices are good for you; well, this may be true in other bodily spheres, but the citric acid contained in fruit juices has corrosive properties.

Luckily there is a substance which counters this acidic breakdown; the saliva in your mouth has neutralizing qualities which negates the influence of the citric acids. Many dentists advise that you chew sugar-free gum which helps to produce this saliva; you are inherently protecting your teeth as you chew without any brushing or scraping.



As you get older, you tend to grind your teeth at night unknowingly. This is a process known as bruxism. There are making theories set forth as to why you do this – your two sets of teeth may not be aligned correctly, others believe it has to do with stress – but it definitely does cause some wear and tear of your teeth.



Maintaining your teeth’s whiteness seems to be an unending task. So many of our habits tend to affect stain or discolour them.  This is of course a cosmetic issue and doesn’t affect your general health, but the first thing people seem to notice is your teeth.  If you drink tea, coffee or red wine, then you will probably notice that even brushing every day isn’t enough to keep them as white as they should be.  In fact, smoking is a real dirty habit if you value dental aesthetics, so cigarettes should be avoided at all costs to maintain a pearly set of whites.



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