How to Use a Female Condom

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Jul 07, 2011

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Female condomFemale condoms are more flexible than male ones and some can be inserted upto eight hours prior to sexual intercourse. The idea is to use the product properly for maximum pleasure and benefit.


Step 1


While taking the condom out of the wrapper make sure not to use any sharp objects. Simply tear along the jagged side. Run your fingers along the body of the condom to ensure equal distribution of the lubricant.


Step 2


Hold the smaller end which is the inner ring between your thumb and index finger as you you stretch and narrow it. This is the part you need to insert inside the vagina while holding the larger outer ring outside.


Step 3


Be gentle as you insert the smaller ring. Use extra lubricant if required on the condom as well as on your fingers and inside the vagina. Female condoms are either made of polyurethane, synthetic nitrile or latex like the male condoms. In the former two you can use oil based lubricants but latex requires only water based ones.


Step 4


Once the inner ring has passed through the outer lips introduce your index finger inside the condom to push it further. Ideally, the condom should slip inside without difficulty while the larger outer ring covers the outer lips.

Step 5


You are now ready for sexual intercourse. It is advisable to lubricate the penis and introduce it inside as gently as possible. You also have to make sure that he does not enter you between the condom and the vaginal walls but into the body of the condom. If you feel friction or vaginal dryness try to remedy with more lubricant. If its uncomfortable still try changing the condom.


Step 6


After ejaculation do not stand up as it would case spillage. Remove while lying down by twisting the outer ring as you pull it out.


Step 7


Discard hygienically in a tissue paper as you would a male condom or a sanitary napkin. Do not re use.


Other Guidelines


  1. It is a better idea to practise a few times before first usage. You can seek the help of your partner if you consider it a boring activity.
  2. Female condoms have been known for their use in anal sex. However, most manufacturing companies do not recommend it. The directions remain the same but in case the condom starts slipping inside the rectum, stop immediately.
  3. If noise from friction bothers you, add more lubricant or change the condom. It is usually the case with polyurethane female condoms so you can try other options.
  4. Remember that like male condoms, female condoms do not offer 100% protection against STIs and pregnancy but when used with caution and correct method you can considerably enhance your safety.


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