How Tobacco Affacts Your Oral Health

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Feb 04, 2013

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Quick Bites

  • Whether you chew or smoke, tobacco affects your oral health.
  • Pipe and cigar smoking have same grave impact on one’s periodontal health.
  • Advanced Periodontal disease is common among smokers.
  • Because of smoking plaque and fat deposits arteries are thickened.

Whether you chew or smoke tobacco,it affects your oral health as well as your overhealth causing irreversible damages. Unfortunately, despite knowing this people continue digging their graves by becoming addicted to this life threatening substance. Researchers at the University of South Florida determined that chemotherapy drugs like cisplatin, taxol and gemcitabine failed in curing lung cancer in patients because of nicotine present due to use of tobacco.


However, if this hasn’t scared you enough to stop using tobacco let’s take a look at what else you might risk due to smoking of tobacco –

1.Cancer of lips

As per a study published in the Journal of Periodontology, both pipe and cigar smoking have almost the same grave impact on one’s periodontal health. The probability of developing cancer of the lips also increases.

2.Advanced Periodontal disease

This condition is common among smokers. Chances are that you may lose the supporting bone and fiber (for teeth).  According to the doctors, “Success rate of dental implants depends upon gradation of periodontal disease. If you suffer from diabetes or have cardiac issues, then it’s recommended that you don’t opt for dental implants because then anything foreign introduced to your body at first should be biologically sustainable and accepted.”

Advanced Periodontal disease

3.Heart attack/blood pressure

Because of smoking plaque and fat deposits arteries are thickened, failing to make enough room for blood flow towards the heart. Your blood pressure shoots up and reduces supply of oxygen to the heart and other tissues.  As a consequence a person can actually have a heart attack.

4.Erectile dysfunction

Your potency is in your ability to stop smoking, in many cases. Nicotine messes with nitric oxide and constricts blood flow through blood vessels to the penis and therefore causes erectile dysfunction.

Even smokeless tobacco which is otherwise not considered dangerous can cause grave damage to your oral health, namely:

1.Oral Cancer

White patches on your tooth and lips is a symptom of oral cancer. It tends to spread to your cheek and throat and even gums.

Tooth decay and cavities

2.Tooth decay and cavities 

Chewing tobacco is made of sweetener, nicotine and tobacco which might give an instant high but then the sugar can cause tooth decay and cavities.

3.Erodes Teeth

Enamel of teeth is at a greater risk due to grit and sand present in tobacco. It introduces cavities and gum sores. It increases tooth sensitivity to heat and coldness.

Lung cancer

4.Lung cancer

Carcinogens present in tobacco damages the cells in one’s lungs. Gradually these cells develop into life-taking lung cancer. And as mentioned earlier in worst cases medicines fail to erase cancerous cells because of the use of tobacco in the first place. Would you still take a risk?

It is better that you stay away from tobacco and avoid the damage it can cause to your health. If you succeed in doing so you, look at the positives. You won’t have repulsive breath (halitosis), jaw, teeth or lips. And you will still be alive too.

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