How to make your own heating pad

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Oct 14, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Heat pads work great with neck and back pain.
  • The heat trapped inside the pads provides quick relief from pain.
  • You can make your heating pad with everyday stuff that you have at home.
  • However, always use heat pads after consulting your doctor.

Heating pads are commonly used to reduce or limit pain, especially neck and back pain. Heat from the pad helps reduce the pain from the strained or overexerted muscles by keeping you warm and comfortable. Sadly, not everyone has a heating pad. But, did you know you can make your own heating pad? Well, it is quick and easy to make a heating pad using stuff that is already available at home.


how make your own heating pad

Let's understand how heat pads work

Heat from the pad effectively improves blood flow to the painful areas by opening up blood vessels. This in turn allows more blood and oxygen flow to the sore areas. In addition, it also reduces muscle spasms by relaxing the muscles, ligaments and tendons. You can also apply heating pad to the abdomen to relieve menstrual cramps or urinary tract infections.


Dangers of using electric heating pads

Modern day heat pads have gone automatic; however, they may pose some threats. Always read the instructions carefully before using electric heating pads to avoid burns, electric shocks and fire. It is advisable that you avoid using such pads on infants, diabetics and people who suffered a stroke.


How to make your own heating pad

Method 1:

First, you will need two hand towels, a zip lock bag and microwave. Take the towels and wet them with water. Squeeze out excess water to leave them damp. Now put one towel in the zip lock bag. Keeping the bag open, place it in the microwave oven and heat it high for 2 minutes.

After 2 minutes, take the bag out and seal it. Now wrap the other wet towel around the zip lock bag. Your heating pad is ready to use. You can now apply this heating pad on the affected area. The heat should last for about 20 minutes or more.


Method 2:

You will need socks and rice to prepare your own heating pad. Fill the sock with rice leaving enough space at the top to close it by sewing. Now place it in the microwave on high temperature for 2 minutes. Remove it from the microwave and apply it to your sore neck or shoulder.

Why waste money on heating pads when you can make your own cost-effective and safer pads at home? It offers quick relief from pain.


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