‘Summer is coming’; keep your skin fresh this summer

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May 25, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Summer may get too harsh in most parts of the subcontinent.
  • The hot weather poses risks of dehydration, sun burns and heat strokes.
  • All of which can leave your skin dry, dull and darker.
  • Protect your skin with the effective tricks.

Summer is here to make things difficult for you.  Summer may get cruel especially for the skin, however, it's not only the heat you need to worry about, you will also need to protect your skin from UV rays, excessive sweat, diet and pore-clogging junk food. We understand the setbacks your skin may encounter during hot and humid weather conditions and this is why we bring you tips to maintain your skin's freshness and shine.

ways to keep skin fresh in summer

Stay hydrated, look healthier

If something is of utmost importance during summer, it is to drink lots of water. Hot days can make you sweat more than normal leaving your body and the skin dehydrated. You need to replenish lost fluids as soon as possible throughout the day. Dehydrated and dry skin leads to breakouts. Sip on water or other fluids regularly to keep your skin fresh and safe from any harm.

Use an oil-free face wash

You may not find it necessary to use an only an oil-free face wash, especially if you don't have oily skin. However, an oil based face wash can leave excess oil inside the pores of the skin, making it difficult to maintain normal perspiration. Wash your face at least twice a day with an oil free face wash. Make it a habit to wash your face once in the morning and once in the evening. It is important to not only because you need to wash your face more often during, it is also helpful as it helps you avoid soaps. Soaps may be harsh on the skin adn can leave your pores clogged because of the oil in them. So, it’s better to use an oil-free face wash to avoid heat boils and pimples.

oil-free sunscreen

Wear proper shield

Summer has got a number of weapons up its armour but the most harmful among them is the UV rays. As long as you aren’t safe inside your house, you just can’t escape them. So, there is only one option left to protect your skin against the harmful UV rays and that is to wear SPF shield. Wear an SPF value that is most suitable according to your skin type as well your daily routine. However, just one application may not be enough. Reapply the SPF on your skin every time you need to spend long hours out under the sun. Also wear waterproof SPF lotions when going out for swimming.


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