How to help your girlfriend to move over her ex boyfriend

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May 18, 2016

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Quick Bites

  • Give her the required time and space
  • Do not be harsh on her
  • It is very important to make her laugh
  • You should be patient towards her

Sometimes we tend to have a hard time forgetting people, and this is especially true if it is an ex-lover. When you are in a relationship with a girl, there are chances that she has not moved on from her ex, and is still grief-stricken. You could work systematically and with a good inter-personal relationship to help your girlfriend to forget her ex.


What you do not want to do is vent your anger, or be rude to her, because if you truly love her, then you must give her tips to forget her ex-boyfriend. Love can be physically and mentally painful at times, and it is entirely up to you to help her forget her ex-boyfriend, and walk into a better life with you by her side.

Emotional attachment

Make her laugh

A person with good humour is a person who is interesting, so be that person, be more interesting to your girlfriend. Moreover, making her laugh will keep her in good spirits and will enable her to forget her ex.

It is important to make her laugh, also because she is vulnerable and can be prone to bouts of sorrow. She should always have the brightest smile on her face, and you should be the reason behind it.

Lover her well

When in a relationship, it is vital that you make your lover realise his or her worth. A good tip to help her forget her ex-boyfriend is to make her realise how much you love her, and only then will she realise that what she has with you is better than what she has lost.

As a matter of fact, she is lucky to have found you, and you are there for her, aren’t you? So, hold her hand and love her well, for she needs to cherish her life and forget things that hurt.

Be patient

Remember that patience is a virtue, and those who have it, go a long way. When dealing with a girlfriend who is still grief-stricken by her ex, one should have patience. It will not be of any help if you go all out and be tough on her.

You have to be kind and loving, and this is the best possible help you can offer to her. For those who do not have patience, your girlfriend will not only be disappointed but also terribly sad. Do not add to her tragedy, make her happy.

Give her space

Give her space to get over her old love, let her realise that it is only temporary and that she will come out strong. Do not poke her on her faults and force her to forget him, help your girlfriend to forget her ex in a subtle manner.

Be a gentleman, not the reason for her pain. Giving her space also means not to force her into having sex, as she might be in a state of distrust for men. The choice is yours.


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