How you can choose Better than the Best Preschool for your Child

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Jun 26, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Start researching at least one year prior to seeking admission.
  • Seek recommendations from other parents on preschools.
  • Get your child enrolled on the waiting list, if needed.
  • Take a complete tour of the shortlisted school.

One of the most feared moments in any parent’s life would be when they have to decide for their young one’s preschool. As a matter of fact, the moment is over-whelming for the parents because their young one is now going to step into the next phase of life. Being extra-cautious about their future, you want to give them the best of everything so that they grow up into a well-groomed person.

Even if you have decided everything in advance for the young one, the deadlines to complete the task keep the pressure building up.

So, here is a step-by-step guide for you which will make you the most prepared parent in the locality when it comes to deciding upon your child’s preschool.

Preschool Guide

Research Well

This is the most essential process every parent has to undertake to choose the best for their child. Many schools offer tours for parents one year prior to the enrollment of the child. Don’t miss out on those tours even if it demands some persistence.

Seek Recommendations

Attending school fairs and seeking recommendations from fellow parents will give you an insight into the service a school has to offer in terms of academics and extra-curricular activities. The preschools which you have shortlisted based on your research must be put under a scanner for feedbacks from various sources like the internet.

Get on the Waiting List

Some schools have a waiting list for admissions. In such circumstances you must get the child registered on the waiting list as early as possible.

Take a Thorough Tour

Before you submit the fees and complete all the formalities, you must take a complete tour of the school. Understand the principles they work upon, meet the headmaster/principal of the school, and visit the classrooms, especially when they are in session. Carry a notepad with you and list down all the queries which cross your mind during the tour.

Decide Upon the Hours

A child attends preschool between the ages 2.5 and 5 years. Most preschools are run for half days and some offer day-boarding facility for the children whose parents are not available at home during day time. In such cases, it is for the parents to take a call. Decide if you want your child to stay back at the school till you or your partner returns from work or if it would be better to arrange for a babysitter to look after them at home.


Preschool Guide

Check Whether the Preschool is Properly Run

To assess the quality of the program the preschool has offered for your child, you must first check the relationship of the staff with children. Closely observe the language used by the staff members in the classroom. The preschool will be the first ladder of personality grooming for your child hence, checking on the discipline policy is necessary.

Look for Signs that tell you that the Preschool is not Fit for your Child

A preschool must have research-based curriculum to prepare the child for the next level i.e kindergarten. Search for signs which show that the curriculum isn't proficient enough.

Ask for Policies on Potty Training

If potty training is on your pre-requisite list then do make sure that you have checked the policies of the school on the training program.

No parent would like to risk their child’s future and never because of lack of proper awareness. Learn everything about nurturing your child’s forthcoming life and choose the best preschool for him/her.

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