Guide to choose a right workout plan

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Jul 18, 2017

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Quick Bites

  • An exercise program must keep you motivated.
  • Include physical activities that you really like.
  • Be realistic in choosing an exercise program.

We all know the myriad of exercising benefits. But, not for many, the chosen workout works. Making a right workout can be tricky. 

To make a workout plan, you must look at several aspects of body mechanics to work muscle groups like you should and make you look better. Besides exercises and schedule, the motivation factor has a big role. A workout plan that keeps you engaged and motivated will serve you best, not the one that your friend has undertaken.


What is your goal – is it losing weight, gaining strength for your body or toning certain muscles? If you are eyeing weight loss, you must focus on weight-bearing and resistance exercises. If you are only eyeing fitter profile, blend cardiovascular workout with weight-training. For maintaining a healthy lifestyle only requires 30 minutes of moderate intensity a day. You can engage in walking, jogging, swimming or biking for the same.  If your goal is motivated by medical condition, it is advised to ask a physician to recommend an exercise program that doesn’t interfere with your medical condition or needs. 

Choosing exercises and activities

When creating a workout plan, you must focus on what exercises and activities you really like to do. If you set a running program and you don’t like to run, you’re heading towards a failure. You can set a dancing, swimming and even walking regime. You can also make a workout plan that includes many activities – running on Monday, swimming on Tuesday and dancing on Wednesday. 


You cannot start lifting heavy weights straight away when you have never done it before. There is no gain for such pain. You must think of the intensity level you will start with. Gradually, you may increase the intensity and workout at a faster pace. It is only when you have gained strength and endurance, go to the next level. Don’t make your body get used to working out after you’ve spent weeks on it. 


If you don’t like crowded gymnasiums, you can workout at home only but make sure you practice those exercises correctly. Ask for a professional trainer’s help to ensure that you are using proper form and technique. This will maximize your efforts and prevent injuries. A trainer will also provide you with nutritional guidance to help you create a diet that complements your exercise program. 


You cannot achieve a weight-loss goal or become fit in a week. Be realistic! You need commitment and patience to make it to the other end. An exercise schedule should be addictive, should improve health and increase your lifespan. Start out slowly and advance at a pace that fits your lifestyle and doesn’t get in the way of your daily activities.



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