Open Up Those Gorgeous Eyes With an Eye Lash Curler; Learn How to Buy a Suitable One

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Jul 04, 2013

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Quick Bites

  • It is only a rumour that eye lash curler makes your lashes to shed.
  • Take both your eye shape and lash length into consideration when choosing a curler.
  • Use a  less curved curler for short eye lashes.
  • An electric curler can be a great option for a high power curve that lasts all day.

An eye lash curler can help you show your lashes off and open up your eyes. It makes the lashes more visible- even small ones. If picking a curler is leaving you cross-eyed, let us help you review your options- based on recommendations from Beautilish. Your lashes will thank you.

woman using eyelash curlerDon't Believe the Rumours

Contrary to popular belief, eyelash curlers will not rip all your lashes out—even if you prefer to apply mascara first (though we don’t recommend it). Realistically speaking, you may lose a lash or two here and there with regular curling, but this is normal. If your curler pinches or pulls when you use it, it may not be the best choice for your particular lashes.


Know Your Lash Needs

Everyone’s lashes are different. A curler that works great on your friend’s smaller eyes may feel awkward on your longer lids. Take both your eye shape and lash length into consideration when choosing a curler. Look for long clamps that curve along your lash line to ensure you don’t miss a curl!

Short Lashes Love Curls Too



If your lashes are especially short, you might benefit more from a less curved curler. A flatter clamp will make it easier to get close to your lash line without having to manoeuvre the curler at odd angles, which can cause stress to the little hairs. A point curler is flat and meant for curling small, hard-to-reach inner lashes, so it might be a good option for short eyelashes, too.

Warm Up To a Heated Curler

If you’re serious about lash curling, an electric curler can be a great option for a high power curve that lasts all day. The design is often clunker than run-of-the-mill metal curlers, and the idea of putting something hot near one's eyes is enough to make most of us a little uneasy. Before you nix the idea, know that most electric curlers don’t get hot enough to burn you, and the heat level won’t cause damage to your lashes either.

Alternately, Warm Up To a Regular Curler

Take a tip from the pros and warm a regular metal curler with a hair dryer for a few seconds before using. It works just as great as an electric model, but for a fraction of the price. Of course, on a frantic morning you may find yourself wishing you’d splurged.

Stand By the Old Standard

Even though there are hundreds of fanciful and high tech curlers hoping for a home in your makeup bag, sometimes the best choice is the simplest. The good old do-it-yourself metal clamping curler is without a doubt the easiest to find, most user-friendly option.

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