How to become an exercise addict

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Dec 24, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Combine activities you like to keep exercise routine interesting.
  • Just decide when exercise is most convenient for you.
  • Have something to look forward to – a fitness goal.
  • Challenge yourself with each workout.

You must be wondering what makes some people manage to work out regularly, day after day, and do it with such remarkable enthusiasm all the time. They’re not superhuman, but have cultivated exercise addiction.

Everyone has the potential to become fitness-obsessed. Here’s all that you need to know to become an exercise addict.


Keep Exercise Fun

You should be engaging in physical activities that you are interested in and which will keep you motivated for a long-term. You may sign up for your favourite sport, go out biking or trail running if you love spending time outdoors or sign up for a dance class if it is something that gets you excited. You may also combine activities, hobbies and exercises to keep it interesting.


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Make Exercising a Part of Routine

You must make exercise a part of your routine; set aside time in your day for it. Just decide when it is most convenient for you – when, where and how it can best fit into your daily routine. Make time for exercise like you make for your favourite television shows or to go out. If you are busy on a certain day, you may indulge in exercises and activities that you can do within 15 to 20 minutes.


Exercise at your Own Pace

Don’t go by what others are doing and picking heavy weights on day 1. You should be comfortable with your routine and shouldn’t feel any added pressure or strain of any kind. Exercising without knowing your physical abilities can leave you feeling unusually exhausted or tired. This might make you uninterested in exercise and demotivated.


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Set the Bar

You should always have something to look forward to – a fitness and training goal. Set a goal that is reachable and is not unrealistic. When you have a goal in sight, you will become addicted to exercising faster and remain focused on meeting it. If you are unsure of your fitness level or workout goal, consult with a personal trainer or health care provider.


Test Yourself

There are different ways to challenge yourself. One way is to use smartphone apps, computer programs, wearable pedometers and fitness tracking gadgets. Other ways include taking runs, walks, bike rides and even mountain climbing trips.


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Remind yourself of the Progress

Make a chart or an exercise journal to keep track of how you are improving or how you have to improve. Take a look at body measurements and other statistics to know where you are going with respect to your fitness goals. Seeing the progress can make you addicted to exercise.

Arming a few tips and tricks up your sleeve can make you an exercise addict in some time.



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  • Mohsin04 Sep 2015

    This is the way to go. Good read!

  • Raj29 Dec 2014

    Hope this really works.

  • saheba26 Dec 2014

    Now you can also be like your friend who you see as a fitness freak! If you adhere to these tips, you will never miss a day at the gym after a point of time.