How to Be Supportive to a Teen?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 06, 2013

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The teenage years is a period of great change in a person.  They enter then as a child, but exit as an adult and they are considered to be ready to assume an adult’s role in the society.  They are trying to become an individual in their own right; they are seeking to move out from underneath your protective wing and probably consider peer opinion more valuable. Guide them during these formative years so that they can emerge as a strong adult.

  • Help them recognize their strengths, qualities and achievements. Making them explore their talents can do a lot for their self-esteem and how they think about themselves.
  • Develop good communication channels with your teen as this the biggest challenge in parent-teenager relationships. Listen to them and provide your suggestions; do not brush aside their thoughts and opinions.
  • Support them in their goals and ambitions; encourage them to try different things, do not compare, criticize or judge. Develop a relationship that makes them feel you are always there.
  • Set and make your rules clear from the beginning; this helps them to develop self-control.
  • Give them space:  Their age peers are considered more important than parents, but don't despair as this is usually a temporary phase.
  • Talk to them regarding sex and other matters related to it like teenage pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections and contraceptive methods. This helps them to deal with peer pressure and makes them more confident.


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