How Second Pregnancy Differs from First Pregnancy

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Dec 08, 2011

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How second pregnancy differs from first pregnancyEvery labour is unique in itself. The possible answers to how second pregnancy differs from first pregnancy, will therefore be immensely varied from case to case.  The differences can hardly be established with a help of a standard differentiation table. However, although the nature of experiences with second pregnancy is found to be poles apart in women, some visible trends can be established for a structured analysis. Of course, exceptions would certainly have to be taken into accounting as well.


Second Pregnancy: How it differs

How second pregnancy differs from first pregnancy has a lot to do with the psychological as well as situational changes it brings along. Some of the possible case specific differences might include:

  • First pregnancy is like treading into the unknown. You come to terms with the changes demanded from your body, slowly and steadily. It’s somewhat like an on-the-job training exercise. Naturally, some of these changes which cause unpleasant pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness, light-headedness and constipation might be difficult to deal with at first. However, by the second time, you are fully aware of what lies in store. Even if it happens, you are certainly better placed to handle it. Hence, they seem much more manageable.
  • In some cases, second pregnancy arrives with actually no symptoms, quite unlike the first. Most believe that since the body has already gotten used to it once, symptoms this time around are less.
  • When second pregnancy arrives, you already have your first child to take care of. Therefore, it happens to be a busy affair. Taking care of another kid and looking after yourself too can be a challenging feat. In the process, you might not have the time to concentrate on your discomforts unless they are intense and unavoidable. Therefore, time passes without you realising it. Most women tend to confess that their first pregnancy seemed as long as twelve months! Whereas, the second one seemed to last for only six!
  • The apprehension of going into labour often causes several anxiety and stress related problems during the first pregnancy. For example, you may have suffered from stress induced hypertension and vomiting spells in your third trimester. However, being through one labour ingrains the confidence in you. Therefore, related problems are fewer.
  • In certain isolated cases, the second pregnancy might seem more difficult than the first. In some women, the second stint shows more symptoms than the first. This is especially witnessed in women who have had a trouble free first pregnancy.

How second pregnancy differs from first pregnancy does not have universal answers. The experiences may vary widely. You need to go through them yourself, before attempting to understand them better. Just reading up might not be enough!


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