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  • Nanidasbabu18 Aug 2015

    My Self Nanidas, My role of working is Roaming all Location in Different location, Unfortunely My face is Tanned . I could not able to see at frant of the Mirror Because it is very Darkness. Before that Iam very fair and whitesh. Pls give me solution or Suggest me how can i remove it.

  • Aakash Sharma23 Nov 2013

    Yuppp... The Methods to remove Sun Tan Works...!! :) Thnks..!!

  • arti19 Apr 2013

    One can remove tanning by applying pappaya pulp all over the face at least twice a day. Besides, these tips to remove tanning are also great and should at least minimise the damage if not successfully treat it.

  • SUHANA02 Apr 2013

    i want to remove my dark circles .can u suggest me the easy way to remove the dark circles?

  • Priyanka Gupta02 Mar 2013

    best home remedies to remove sun tan. it works very fast and gives me results within a few weeks and also the face packs to remove tan work really fast. Good information

  • Mythili12 Dec 2012

    My face and hands are excessively tanned..Please suggest me how to remove these tans quickly..

  • mythili12 Dec 2012

    hi i am face is totally tanned especially in mouth,so please suggest me how to remove these tansquickly...

  • preethi10 Dec 2012

    l used to be very fair in my home city, but now after getting married i have to live in chennai . as the weather in this city is very peculiar i have my fairness and glow in my face. now i want to regain my earlier beauty. please suggest me some remedies to get rid of sun tan and glow in my face.

  • jyothi08 Dec 2012

    I always try the turmeric one !! Thanks !!!!!!

  • Mohsin01 Dec 2012

    Hi, my body tone is alright but my face till neck has become darken due to sun exposure,i want help !

  • Shubham23 Nov 2012

    Hi, I am Shubham Ganer I used lime juice & honey(point 3) to get rid of my tanned skin ,it was very effective & I got the result in some days only .So I urge all of you to use this to get rid of the sun tanning as it is easily available & simple also.

  • shela05 Nov 2012

    im a normal color but last month we went to d beach so there we enjoyed lot so now that water s effecting so much i became a very dark color y i dont know can u give me d advice plz

  • Suvi05 Nov 2012

    Hi my face is fair compare than my hands and my leg portions .i guess it's tanned bcoz of swimming can u plz tell me best home remedies for this.

  • Sneha pradhan03 Nov 2012

    I used to be very fair before but recently i'm getting so much darker or tanned than before i'm tired of using so many products which is not working in my entire skin and body please give me one helpful remedy to remedy to remove sun tann

  • praseetha31 Oct 2012

    i have a combination of both dry and oily skin, and its fully tanned.. how cn i get my real colour again.. i have acne marks also in my face.. please help me to get a better face than now.. plz..

  • zeba29 Sep 2012

    hello i do have dry skin n it gets damaged as and when exposed to sun plz suggest some home remedies to get rid of this and to get a fairer complexion and some methods to retain moisture....

  • kulsum29 Sep 2012 face is full of pimple marks please suggest me some tips and an appropriate cream to get rid of this in a very short period

  • Richika 26 Sep 2012

    the best way to remove swimming sun tanning,is coconut oil mixed with atta,make a paste n apply while taking bath.regular use for a week would make the skin light.

  • Anuska trivedi22 Sep 2012

    my face is darker than my body which looks irritating.plz suggest some natural and simple cure of it.

  • pavitra biswas22 Sep 2012

    as cmpr 2 my face my bdy s more clear.................bcs of tan, spcly upper prt of my lips s more dark........

  • sugandh20 Sep 2012

    i am 17 years old. i had very fair skin .but due to tanning i have a dark colour now.advise me a simple and natural cure for it

  • shilpy17 Sep 2012

    My skin was ok..but my nose has got portion of it has got black in colour ..i thought these are, it doesnot seems to go away after doing scrubbing ..dont know..what needs to be done..plz suggest ..

  • Shilpa28 Aug 2012

    I have tanned so much in over 2 years. I am going to try these remedies. I hope they work.

  • pavithra26 Aug 2012

    my face and skin got dark due to sun tan suggest me best remiady to remove sun tan as quick as possible

  • aanchal 22 Aug 2012

    hey hi ,,aloe vera is de best for removing tan and also to remove burn marks ..i have tried

  • sajin19 Aug 2012

    hey!!i am sajin and i am 17 years old..since i play cricket a lot... so i normally go out in d morning and expose my face mainly to the sun maybe throughout the i gt all my face tanned...and nw i need some remedies to get my natural color back....and umm is aloevera a good medicine for the treatment of suntanning..

  • ganbatte25 Jul 2012

    u can try these home remedies given here for removing sun tan, these are really effective.

  • Parveen 16 Jul 2012

    I'm 13 and had tan only in my face for about 5 years till now. I was fair before that. And thanks for the tips for tan removal. I'm going to try the milk lemon pack xD Hope it works. InsyaAllah.

  • vasu12 Jul 2012

    i m 18 my skin was effected to sun nd became taned may i tricks to remove it?

  • krupal07 Jul 2012

    i have skin tanning problem and i want to cure it.give me the best reply...and i am not able to cure it from it will effect more day by day..plz solve the problem and give me reply.thanx..

  • priyanka07 Jul 2012

    i m 17 year old. my baby skin colour was naturally fair but since past 2 years i got tan on my hands, legs, neck and face. the main reason is due to swimming i got more tanned and also exposure to sun lead to it. now i dont have my natural fair skin. please suggest some tips and remedies to get back to my fair skin. thank u.

  • deepika01 Jul 2012

    i did facial and bleach to my face...and did bleach to my hand it was nice after 5 days i went to beach ...from that time my skinstartedtanning now both my face and hands r looking so bad pls suggest me some idea....

  • vinay29 Jun 2012

    vinay, my skin was very sensitive but exploding to the sun it was some black for that i used moisturisers they affected me on so much my skin became very very black and completely dry most from past 3 years my skin is turning worst. its totally tanned, turned out to be black and completely looses its moisturisation .. please suggest some natural remedies to gain moisturisation and natural glow to skin...

  • jyothsna 28 Jun 2012

    hi,when my skin is exposed to sun rays it becomes very red and that goes automatically after many hours. It has became a big cosmetic problem for me as there is no use even though i used many screen lotions. What should I do? plz say a solution for dis problem.

  • akshay24 Jun 2012

    Hi i am akshay i was fair earlier i am sports man since i spend lot of time in d sun nd do swimming my skin has tanned plzzz suggest me some solution

  • shweta17 Jun 2012

    since few months i have been considerably exposed to sun, though i use a sunscreen lotion but i think its not effective . i use to be fair but now with my face my neck and hands have become very dark .please help.

  • manvi06 Jun 2012

    for me specially in summer season have to suffer from tanning. i use suns cream but still it has no effect. please suggest me some ways to remove tanning permanently and don't get it in the near future

  • hanisha03 Jun 2012

    I used to be very fair, but from past 3 years my skin is turning worst, its totally tanned. n turned out to be black. please suggest some natural remedies.

  • s.swetha24 May 2012

    Hi i am s.swetha from hyderabad. i am suffering skin problem ie tan black scars on my face it is like pigmentation so please suggest me what i should apply on my face to clear with this pigmentation

  • naresh22 May 2012

    hi i am naresh... on my fore headand my neck coverd with heavy black tan.... so please suggest me

  • Neha Verma21 May 2012

    hi. i was fair earlier.. bt nw my skin color become uneven.. some part of my body is still fair nd some part like front & back of my neck, nd my back nd my hands hav become very dark...pls suggest me how to fregain my earlier skin color

  • shami30 Apr 2012

    Is there any way by which I can remove sun tan from feet? I really don't like uneven tone of my feet that's why I always wear shoes hide them. Please suggest something.

  • shami30 Apr 2012

    hi i want to know some natural remedies to remove warts from my face and neck.

  • Suvro11 Mar 2012

    My face and hands are excessively tanned..Please suggest me how to remove these tans quickly.. i use olive oil, will it cause more tans??

  • neha23 Feb 2012

    there are so many brown spots on my face, neck and please prescribe me natural cure for T face is oily..

  • monika 22 Feb 2012

    my face is totally tanned due to salted water and sun and specially forhead and chin portention please suggest me which pack is best..

  • Santosh Bahadur26 Jan 2012

    hi i am santosh bahadur. i have white spots in beside my eyes and my lips. so please prescribe me natural and effective cure for me.

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