How to Prevent Tooth Sensitivity

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Apr 13, 2012

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Tooth Sensitivity

There is no specific treatment to counter tooth sensitivity, although certain measures can help you keep away from unhealthy condition. On diagnosing tooth sensitivity, dentist might recommend certain medicament, filling over the sensitive area. Alternatively, 'mouth guard' can also be constructed in the sensitive are in order to correct the condition.

Desensitizing toothpastes also provide respite from the condition of tooth sensitivity. As a precautionary measure, dentists’ consultation is advised before application of any such sensitivity relieving paste. The condition is often confused with other dental complications like tooth decay. Therefore, before heading for treating tooth sensitivity, one must be sure about the condition.

Tooth sensitivity occurs on the exposure of dentine. Among reasons of sensitivity of teeth are abrasion by vigorous brushing, erosion by frequent ingestion of highly acidic foods/beverages and excessive tooth grinding. This exposes dentine, which invites external stimuli to feed on it.

Measures for Preventing Tooth Sensitivity

Mentioned below are some precautionary measures that help to keep tooth sensitivity at bay.

  1. Foremost to prevent the condition of tooth sensitivity is appropriate toothbrushing. Therefore, one must have an appropriate toothbrushing technique so that teeth do not amass unnecessary complications. Select a toothbrush with a small soft-bristled head with a length of 2cm. Maintain a gentle grip of toothbrush while holding it at an angle against the gum margin while brushing. Choosing appropriate brush will ascertain thorough cleansing of sensitive areas. In the process, don’t be too vigorous on teeth, which could cause tooth abrasion and gum recession.
  2. Developing a healthy dietary regimen is another perquisite to prevent tooth scaling. Acidic foods and beverages that erode teeth, which include fruit juices, sports drinks, soft drinks, yoghurt, red and white wine should be restricted. Moreover, one must not chew hard food like bones and nuts.
  3. A healthy lifestyle keeps you away from complications, same applies to dental concerns. Also, make sure you sleep adequately and engage in physical exercise regularly. This will reduce anxiety and stress level, leading to less tooth grinding.
  4. Be regular to consult your dentist. Dental check-up at consistent intervals will ascertain healthy being of teeth. Moreover, dentists can take an immediate action to treat tooth sensitivity on its diagnosis.


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