How to Prevent Stretch Marks

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Apr 21, 2011
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Applying moisturizerStretch marks appear when your skin has been stretched beyond its natural limits. The skin loses a fibre called elastin and scars called “stretch marks” are formed. They can vary in colour, from pink or red to even purple in extreme circumstances, but they usually fade away in time. This is a guide on how to prevent stretch marks from appearing.


How do we get stretch marks?


Stretch marks are synonymous with pregnancy or postnatal problems, but they can also affect those who experience sudden weight gain or rapid growth or any disorder which makes the skin stretch beyond its comfort zone.


Some adolescent boys grow as much as nine inches in a year, while boys and girls are prone to putting on extra weight during puberty. Those who do experience such swift changes in their shape or growth patterns are likely to acquire these stretch marks, as the skin may not provide the required elasticity, or “elastic” in time to facilitate the rapid growth.


Women tend to acquire them more than men in the same way they tend to bruise a lot easier too. Their skin is more fragile and delicate, so when it comes under significant strain, it tends to show; their hips, thighs and breasts are areas where these stretch marks are most common.


Stretch Marks Prevention & Avoidance


Preventing this stretch is unavoidable if you experience rapid growth or weight-gain; the skin must give way. However, there are ways where you can prevent these stretch marks from appearing, by lessening the discolouration,


There are many stretch mark remedies and stretch mark removal creams on offer to help you recover. When used efficiently, these creams and lotions can prevent these stretch marks from appearing. Creams with cocoa butter, vitamin E and sweet almond oil are recommended; apply them in a spherical, borrowing motion to help stimulate the skin’s elasticity as you do it. Pregnant woman, and boys who are experiencing a remarkable growth spurt, are advised to apply creams with cocoa butter specifically.  When the stretch marks have appeared, the cocoa oil can still be used to lessen the visibility of the scars as well. Other solutions like aloe vera and tea tree oil are specifically useful at the same purpose.


Eating a balanced diet and drinking at least two litres of water a day should go without saying really, but it can’t be overstated either. Get plenty of exercise in too and stretch well before doing so. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is good for your skin and allows it to prepare for and recover from any trauma. Let’s hope these tips help you to prevent stretch marks from appearing.


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