How to Prevent Multiple Myeloma?

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Apr 06, 2013

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prevent Multiple Myeloma

Anything that increases a person's chances of developing cancer is called a risk factor; anything that decreases a person's chances of developing a disease is called a protective factor. In the case of multiple myeloma, prevention may not be possible. The prevention involves avoiding the causes of a Multiple Myeloma and other types of the cancer that you can control along with increasing the protective factors that can be controlled. While this proactive approach does not guarantee that a person will not develop cancer, it will decrease the chances of it occurring.

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According to the researches, it has been found that linking diet and myeloma risk is relatively scarce, but general anti-cancer diets may help prevent the disease. Certain types of foods might make you more or less likely to develop multiple myeloma, and general anti-cancer diets may help protect you from the disease.

There are certain food items that help in lowering the risk of multiple myeloma. Those food items include cooked tomatoes, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, fresh fish, and vitamin A. On the other hand, cream soups, ice cream, and pudding were linked to a greater risk of the disease. Eating more vitamin D and calcium might be linked to a lower risk, but eating more carbohydrates might be linked to a higher risk.

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The American Cancer Society recommends following dieting tips to prevent Multiple Myeloma and other types of cancers:

  • Having fresh fruits and vegetables at every meal
  • Eating whole grains instead of processed or refined grains
  • Limiting intake of processed and red meats
  • Limiting alcohol intake

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In general, an anti-cancer diet that will help support your efforts to prevent multiple myeloma and cancer in general will require you to focus on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, and fish, and eat red meat and full-fat dairy products sparingly.


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    My sister-in-law is suffering with Multiple Myeloma. Can she take MultiVitamin ?

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    what type of diet patiant should take in case of multiple myeloma.....and how to prevent it....

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