How to Prevent Male Breast Cancer

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Feb 15, 2012

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How to prevent male breast cancer

It might come as a surprise to some but even men can suffer from breast cancer. The American Cancer Society has estimated that around 0.22 percent of all cancer deaths in men are due to male breast cancer. Despite the small amount of breast tissue, some men tend to contract the dreaded disease. Like women, early detection improves the chances of survival. Apart from that, you also need to reduce the risk factors for preventing it from growing any further.


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Ways to Prevent Male Breast Cancer

  • Regular check-ups of your breast, called the breast exam should be undertaken. You can do so by feeling the breast tissues in the armpits, up to the neck, and around the area above stomach. If you fee lumps, there is a cause for concern. Get it examined for being maligned or benign.


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  • Have healthy and nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Exercise at least three times a week for 20 minutes each. Cardio and strength training in their ideal combination should be preferred.
  • You should keep tabs on your nipples on a regular basis. If you find any sort of discharge from there, it is a symptom of breast cancer. Although, this is not always the cause of the discharge, but you definitely run the risk. Call your physician or visit him right away.
  • Your doctor would be able to tell you more details about the risk factors of male breast cancer. Particularly if you work in a place where it is always hot or there is a family history of male or female breast cancer. Ask your doctor to do a breast exam once a year. Moreover, your doctor might ask you to get an exam of hormone level done, to make sure that they are at their normal level.


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Male breast cancer can be prevented by following some simple tips given here. Despite the much lower rate of patients in men of this disease, there is a risk all the same. If you go through the risk factors given above and take care of your health accordingly, the disease can be prevented.


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