How to Prevent Diaper from Leaking?

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Jan 25, 2013

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If you have an infant to take care of, diapers will always figure in your monthly needs list. They have irreplaceable in a baby’s daily routine and have been responsible in providing some precious moments of peace to the mother, who would otherwise have a tough time changing nappies frequently. Diapers are particularly suited for usage during the night or through long travels. However, diaper leaks or blowouts as they are commonly known as, can sometimes cause serious problems. A leaking diaper can be the cause of immense discomfort primarily because it happens when you are least prepared for it. When you use a diaper for your baby, you do not expect ugly accidents such as these; therefore, they take you completely by surprise.

However, the important thing to know is, what diaper leaks or blowouts are.. A couple of specific situations need to be addressed here. The first condition is where the urine or the faecal matter escapes the diaper but remains within the cover. This is sometimes mistaken as a blowout. In reality however, this is not diaper leakage but is actually a proof of how high quality the diaper cover actually is. Ideally, a blowout occurs when the urine or the faecal matter escapes the diaper and the cover, causing a feeling of wetness around the bum area of your baby. However, the cause for diaper leaks at night or through long napping hours lies with the diaper itself. The cover should not be mistaken for a standby arrangement for the diaper, in the event of leakage.

Preventing Diaper Leakage

Some very simple steps can actually help in preventing the diaper from leaking even after prolonged use. You just need to be proactive in your approach:

  • To begin with, if blowouts are happening way too often, check the size of the diaper you have been using. Although sizes as per the weight of your baby will be provided on the diaper pack, the standards may not be universally applicable. Depending on the weight and physical structure of your baby, the size may vary. Therefore, you need to check with two or three sizes before selecting one. Also, sizes may vary from one brand to the other. You need to keep this in mind while deciding on the correct fit. Once a particular size suits your baby, stick to it till your baby needs a bigger one.
  • There might be a case where diaper leaks occur, in spite of the diaper being dry. This can be caused if your infant has a strong stream of urine flow, which splashes across the diaper and leaks out. This case is specific to a male child. In such cases you need to provide additional layers to your diapers for restricting the stream to a certain extent.
  • If wetness seems to occur only around the legs, you need to tuck in all the sides of the diaper to ensure a snug fit.

These are some scenarios of diaper leaks which can be common occurrences. However, there can be various other reasons for diaper blowouts as well. All you need is a bit of research for due awareness and preparation for adopting the related solutions.



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