How to Be the Perfect Father

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Sep 28, 2012

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How to Be the Perfect Father

Parenting is a tough and demanding job and trying to be a perfect father can be difficult. However it is important that you are a good role-model at least. There is no personality trait that makes a perfect father, but the endeavor to become one and the continuous learning approach to perfect it matters the most.

  • Be yourself and do not try to imitate the image in your mind. Every person is unique and the best father for his children.
  • Do not mix work with your family-life; when you are home, spend quality time with them. Balancing work and family is very important.


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  • Try to understand your children as unique; the endeavor to explore your children makes you more connected with them.
  • All parents make mistakes, but the most important thing is learning from them. This helps you to evolve as a person and as a parent.
  • Develop good communication channels with your children, as this is the biggest challenge in the parent-children relationship.


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Plan vacations and breaks, play in the park, go to the movies; spend and enjoy quality time with your children.

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