How much should you share in a relationship

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Aug 05, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Choose to keep it simple.
  • Update your partner about your routine life.
  • Share money matters with them.
  • If you have cheated, tell your partner.

Newbie in love-town, are we? Hey you’ve got to swear by certain rules of how you’re supposed to behave and act-react when you’re in a relationship. But even before you plant ideas in your head let us be very clear. Knowing basic rules doesn’t mean we play a tit-for-tat game; rather we make sure we keep things simple without hurting our partner.

With this arises a question about how much of sharing amounts to too much? Do you share your passwords to your emails and accounts in various social networking sites? Do you network too much without your partner knowing who is who which leaves them guessing who could be who in your life?

How much to share in relationship

Changing relationship codes

A survey conducted by a computer security firm, Norton claims that a lot of couples share passwords for social networking sites and their emails. About 20 per cent of people admitted to logging into their partner’s accounts without informing them and out of them about 15 per cent said they ended up fighting because of such a behaviour.

Relationship codes have certainly changed today. Not any longer, does sharing password hint upon the fact that ‘now, I trust you more than I ought to’. Patching up with the ex is a trend that’s coming of age too.

Past forward

Everyone has a past but it is absolutely up to you if you want to admit to it or not. Essentially, any relationship should have a strong foundation which comprises of transparency, comfort and honesty. Some people hesitate to tell about intimate details involving past relationships while others consider telling the complete tale in order to cleanse their memory (some bit of it at least) and give opportunity for a better relationship to thrive. In any which way the choice is yours but imagine them coming to know about it through someone! How good will that be?

Keep it simple

It’s a complex world and you’ve got to decide on how to keep it simple. You don’t want your partner snooping around to gather details about your past unless he/she accepts that it ain’t all that important. If you think that divulging information from your little black book can ruin your relationship then you better refrain from sharing it. If your partner insists you must handle with care so that ghosts from the past don’t haunt your present.

Routine life

You can apparently keep them updated about your routine life which involves how you spent your day, went out with friends, went out for dinner etc. You’ll have to gauge yourself if your partner feels any discomfort upon mentioning any of your male friend or colleague’s name. Don’t push things far. If he dislikes it you can candidly ask him why so and if he wheezes his way out of the conversation you as well must punctuate the conversation.

How much to share in relationship

Money matters

You recently bought a pair of trousers or pumps from Aldo for which you blew money literally! Do you think you must tell your partner? Well, it is pretty much safe to tell them lest the guilt of disturbed finances fall on your lap inadvertently!

Cheat code

If you did cheat on your partner, be it emotionally or physically you must tell him before he gets to know. Getting-to-know from someone else leaves a sour taste in their mind and can kill the essence of whatever was good in the past. Do not delay but do take time to decide upon when and how to disclose this piece of news.

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