How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship?

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Mar 12, 2013

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Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

It’s said and thought that a long distance relationship is very difficult to maintain because two partners are separated in terms of physical distance. Such relationships test one’s commitment to his/her partner. Technology has helped in bridging this gap but still such relationships demand much more.


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Some Useful Tips on How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship are as follows:


  • Try to communicate more than once in a day if possible so as to emotionally connect with each other. Long conversations are not necessary but share your problems, and ask for solutions to your relationship problems if any.
  • Write letters, send flowers, gifts, and cards without any reason. It will make your partner happy and feel special.
  • Sometimes try to do same things at the same time such as watch the same film at the same time and then discuss it over the phone.
  • Whenever you get a chance, do visit your partner as a relationship cannot work only on phone calls.
  • Try to understand the fact that the other person too has a social life. Don’t interrogate unnecessarily. Avoid jealousy and build trust in each other to help your relationship last long. [Read: Making your Long Distance Relationship Work]
  • Try to focus on the positive aspects more than on negative ones. Rather than cribbing over the long distance and that you cannot meet, try to invest your time in something fruitful. The distance gives you the freedom of being creative!
  • You should be reasonable about the other’s expectation and should cooperate to take the relationship further.
  • Whenever your partner needs you, you should be available otherwise he/she may deal with everything themselves and might not need you.
  • Try communicating through other mediums such as Skype, e-mails, and video conferencing.
  • Patience and hope are the key in maintaining a long distance relationship.
  • Make your partner feel that she/he is a very important part of your life and has a pivotal role to play.
  • Although some may consider it pushy, certain activities such as reminding you to take medicines, to have lunch on time or waking up each other in the morning strengthens your bond.
  • Sometimes give your partner a call at an unexpected time without thinking that she/he will get disturbed.  Make your partner feel secure and be honest about everything.  Sharing little inconsequential details can actually make your partner very happy.
  • Say those magical words whenever you communicate and make the person feel that you just don’t get tired of saying it!

You must be realistic of the difficulties in maintaining a long distance relationship. But it is not that difficult to cope with if one uses ones creativity to spice up the relationship. It is very obvious that if the two of you are interested in each other the distance will not make much difference.


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