How to Lose Weight with Thyroid Disease

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Jun 15, 2012
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How to Lose Weight with Thyroid DiseaseThe thyroid gland is responsible for secreting hormones that control the metabolism of the body. When the thyroid gland is not functioning properly, it can lead to significant healthy issues. Hyperthyroidism is a medical condition in which the body produces an excess thyroid hormone and hypothyroidism is another in which the body will not produce enough thyroid hormones. While both require treatments, you will find it difficult to lose weight with hypothyroidism.


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Here are ways in which you can lose weight with a thyroid disease.

Get Checked

Go through an initial checkup to determine if you have an underactive or overactive thyroid.  When you are at the doctor’s clinic, he/she will run through diagnostic tests to derive an accurate diagnosis. He/she may examine your neck to check if there are nodules in the thyroid or whether it is enlarged. Several other treatment methods may be incorporated to devise an accurate weight loss plan for better results.


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Take Thyroid Medications on Time

Ensure that you take your thyroid medications properly. If you are diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, you may be prescribed a synthetic hormone replacement, which helps the thyroid to work better and thereby help reduce weight loss. The most common medicines that may be prescribed if you have hyperthyroidism include methimazole and propylthioracil. These medications may upset your stomach or cause nausea, which can cause weight loss.

Eat Healthy

Vitality to weight loss is healthy diet irrespective of your medical complication. Make sure that you eat a healthy diet along with the thyroid medication to derive better and immediate results. Consume foods that help in regulating the metabolism such as vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products and protein. Make sure that you eat regularly throughout the day and fill up on vegetables, fruits instead of processed snacks and high-calorie food.


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Exercise Regularly

Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day for five days a week. You may indulge in swimming, jogging, hiking and cycling. The American College of Sports Medicine says that apart from aerobic exercises that raise the heart rate, one must also indulge in strength training exercises that help improve the metabolic rate, thereby assisting in regulating the thyroid. Besides, exercising improves the overall health of the body and induces weight loss.

Aim and Maintain Long-Term Health

Make sure that you don’t miss on any appointment with your doctor. The doctor is likely to follow your thyroid levels and adjust the medication and treatment as required.


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  • Xavier18 Aug 2012
    You can loose weight without exercise, medicine. Every individual has a subconscious program. Soem have I am Slim or I am fat. Some have dual i.e both I am fat and I am slim. In dual cases, untill you change your subconscious progam, you won't loose weight.