How Long Does Bleeding Last after a Miscarriage

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Sep 01, 2011

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  • Bleeding after miscarriage is common; one of its symptoms.
  • Persistent bleeding signals the presence of pregnancy tissues in the uterus.
  • Invasive procedures may be needed.
  • In some cases, the flow might be heavy enough to restrict a patient to bed.

Miscarriages are caused due to numerous health and pregnancy related complications. The very first thing a woman would require post a miscarriage, would be strong emotional support.

miscarriage bleeding durationSubsequently, the physical impact that it might have caused should also be duly addressed. Bleeding after miscarriage is obviously the most common physical repercussion. Bleeding after miscarriage is common. Often, it is one of the first symptoms suggesting that a miscarriage has occurred. In normal cases, bleeding after miscarriage should not last for more than two weeks. Once the bleeding ceases in a matter of 10 to 15 days, the miscarriage is considered complete.

However, in certain cases complications might arise. The body might sometimes find it difficult to clear off all pregnancy related tissues through the normal expulsion procedure. In such cases, the miscarriage remains incomplete and the bleeding continues in limited amounts over a period of time. Salient points explaining an incomplete miscarriage would include the following.

  • In case of incomplete miscarriages, bleeding would often be accompanied with abdominal cramps. In such cases, the patient should immediately seek medical help.
  • Although initial inspection by a gynaecologist is mandatory, in most cases, even an incomplete pregnancy would naturally complete on its own. Invasive procedures will normally not be necessary in 90% cases and the patient would be advised to wait for another week or so.
  • In case the bleeding continues beyond the slated period, it would signal the presence of pregnancy tissues remaining in the uterus, which are refusing to flush out. If the tissues continue to remain in the uterus, they might give rise to fatal infections which can spread through the body.  Therefore, invasive procedures would have to be opted for in such cases.
  • In such cases, doctors would perform a D and C or a Dilation and Curettage procedure. The doctor would dilate the cervix and scrape out the remnant tissues from the inner surface of the uterus, gently. You would need to engage specialists for performing such invasive procedures.
  • In most cases, the bleeding should stop post the completion of the D and C process. However, sometimes, a single D and C procedure may not be enough to clean up all the tissues remaining inside the uterus. In such cases, a D and C process should be repeated once more for complete cleaning and freedom from infection and bleeding.


D and C procedure is also often a preferred choice of doctors in case the bleeding after miscarriage is extremely heavy. In some cases, the flow might be heavy enough to restrict a patient to bed. In such cases, the doctor might suggest invasive procedures to put an end to the physical symptoms of miscarriage.



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    Having my 3rd miss carriage 1 at 19 yrs and I didn't even know I was pregnant, found out routine GP pap smear 2. At 27 yrs found out I was pregnant after breaking up with fianc� so that was a lucky blessing! This one was painful for 1-2 days just heavy period stuff with a few clots that was it, normal period. Now 35yrs and yes I smoke and the experience is totally different blod clots the size if golf balls bleed for 2 wks stopped for a few days again for a few days, three +wks later still blood

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