Increase your Sperm Count with Ayurveda

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Oct 11, 2011

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  • Ayurveda, the most ancient medicinal healing system.
  • Massaging the body with oil, a technique known as abhayanga in ayurveda
  • There are some herbal remedies also to increase sperm count with ayurveda.
  • Ashwagandha increases endurance and long lasting capabilities.


Ayurveda, the most ancient medicinal healing system, mentions specific ways by which the quality and the quantity of sperms can be increased. To increase sperm count with ayurveda, one must understand the reasons for low sperm count. These can range from stress, old age, diseases such as diabetes to wearing tight underpants, bathing in very hot water and obesity. Ayurveda has treatment for low sperm count which essentially requires maintaining the balance in the body.

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How to Increase Sperm Count with Ayurveda

Massaging the body with oil, a technique known as abhayanga in ayurveda, increases blood circulation and sperm count. Abhayanga slackens aging, boosts health and increases the libido. Even the increase in the temperature of the testicles reduces sperm count. So, iprefer wearing loose undergarments, wash testicles with cold water and avoid hot showers and saunas.


Restrict masturbation and frequent sex, as continual ejaculations reduce the density of the semen. Keep your weight in check as weight increase causes hormonal imbalances which in turn reduce testosterone levels in males. Exercise regularly and stay fit.


Alcohol consumption and smoking affect the liver and cause a dramatic rise in oestrogen levels. This results in low sperm count. Eat a nutritious, low fat diet which is high in proteins, vegetables and whole grains.


Reduce stress by regular meditation and yoga. Psychological factors such as stress and strain are known to reduce sperm count.


There are some herbal remedies also to increase sperm count with ayurveda. Certain herbs, known as  bajikaran dravya in ayurveda are known to increase the sperm count as well as their quality.


Ayurvedic herbs for increase sperm count

  • Shilajit:This is a powerful sexual tonic known to improve the sperm count. It has anti-aging properties.
  • Ashwagandha: It increases endurance and long lasting capabilities.
  • KohinoorGold: This is an herbal remedy to increase the quality and quantity of sperm. It is made up of a number of herbs which provide strength and increase the vitality of the body.

The toxins ama formed due to indigestion block the channels which carry semen and reduce the sperm count. Therefore, to increase sperm count with ayurveda, it is necessary to follow a good diet and stay fit. Seek the help of an ayurvedic physician for proper guidance.

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  • ANIL12 Mar 2013


  • Ajay Kumar 28 Feb 2013

    Respected Sir, Please tell me by which medicine can I increase my semen quantity,quality and motility etc to get my wife pregnant without any side-effects as by ayurveda, alopathy or homeopathic medicines and tell me the name of the medicine as soon as possible.

  • krishan kumar14 Feb 2013

    dear sir, mere semen ki matra badane ke liye batae kji muje kya karna chahiye

  • shiv prakash yadav09 Feb 2013

    i m suffering nil sperm count please give me suitable medicine i have increase my sperm....

  • anubhab02 Jan 2013

    Respected siri want to say that i have nil rapid progress sperm how i will increase that one wat type of treatment is necessary please sir give answer as soon as possible

  • emmanuel01 Dec 2012

    Thank you for your information. God bless you. I am located in Cameroon. Where can I find your herbs to cure low sperm count ? Best regards.

  • manoj21 Nov 2012

    please tell me how can i increase my sperm count. I am only 14 year old.

  • Sohil01 Oct 2012

    i am suffering from Asthenospermia from my first reports in 2011 and Presently suffering from Oligospermia, Please suggest or advice to improve the same. Your support and immediate response shall be highly appreciated.

  • Lord Dhanwantari Charitable Trust24 Sep 2012

    Vanari Gutika is prepared from rarest herbs of "Astavarga" in Ayurveda and "Kaunch beeja" (Mucuna Pruriens). It is a pure herbal aphrodisiac. Builds fertility by increases semen volume, sperm count, sperm motility, and Sperm low Penetration Factor . Release bound up testosterone. Strengthen and tone the sexual glands. Eliminate stress and anxiety, act as a restorative nutrient for the nervous system. This Nourishes body,strengthens vitality and immunity system. Contact: ayur.dhanwantari@gmail

  • Akhil Mishra30 Aug 2012

    Well-written article.

  • faisal farooq26 Aug 2012

    what is best tratment for premature ejaculation low sperm count and motility and how i can get this treatment in saudi arabia.thanks.

  • Princy14 Jul 2012

    Mucuna Plus is the Best One .... you can buy online ...visit :

  • k.Dinakaran05 Mar 2012

    dear sir/madam, my sperm count 26 mil/ml and Active motile 30%Sluggish 10%non motile 60% is taken 03/03/12 before this i have taken my semen analysis on 15/7/11 11 mill/ml motility 65 % please give a idea to increase the motility ,

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