How to get Pregnant with Second Child

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Jun 18, 2012

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Your second pregnancy would be different from the first, perhaps as much as your second child is going to be different child from your first. While seeking tips to get pregnant with second child your gynaecologist is your best guide, your second pregnancy would be much different from your first. Your body is different when you concieve for the second time, making some things easier and some more difficult than your first pregnancy.

Tips to Get Pregnant with Second Child


When to Plan your Second Pregnancy

To conceive for the second time, it is advisable that you wait at least a year or two after your first delivery. During this period, your body will get back to its normal functioning and will recover from the tumultuous changes of first childbirth. This interval will also give you enough time to prepare mentally for taking the responsibility of another child.


Planning Second Pregnancy

As you did in your first pregnancy, plan your schedule ahead of time. Second child means additional responsibilities even when your older child still depends on you. Once you deliver your second child, you have to look after an infant’s needs as well as  take care of your older child’s regular schedule. For the first few months, say first three months, you may ask any female member of your family for assistance.


Issues during Second Pregnancy

If in your first pregnancy, you had numbness symptoms, haemorrhoids, lower back pain and bladder leakage; possibilities of these are higher this time.  Also, engage yourself in prenatal yoga or kegel exercises to keep your pelvic floor in good shape. This minimizes the chances of urine leakage and prepares your body for healthy and risk-free delivery.

If you had gestational diabetes in your first pregnancy, your doctor will monitor you closely, as it has recurrence chances.  Stay away from sugary food and get yourself monitored regularly for gestational diabetes.



The major concern for many women when they conceive for the second time is fatigue. With your first pregnancy, you have ample of time to rest, but this time you have another child who keeps running around. Make your day schedule such that you rest when that child rests. Get a housemaid for few months, give yourself a break from energy-demanding household tasks.

Preparing your First Child

Your first child needs to be ready to accept an addition to the family. Initially, he may feel ignored, but it is your task to help him adjust to the idea of a new sibling. During pregnancy, you can involve your child in deciding things for the new member. Topic of discussion can range from newborn’s toys to taking his/her care.  Let the child help you decorate the nursery. Ask him to pick out special gifts for the new baby.


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