Get out of a bad date with these 9 mantras

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Jan 17, 2017

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  • Bad date can happen to anyone.
  • Getting out of a bad date is not an easy task.
  • Try out these mantras to get out of a bad date.

What would you do if you happen to sit across a table with your date and gradually realise that it is going to be a flop show? We have all had bad dates and were perhaps a reason for them too, but a bad date can be easily left behind for good. Here are some escape tips to help you finally untie and throw a sigh of relief.


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Honesty is the best policy

The best way to come out of the date is to tell your date the truth the minute you know how incompatible you both are. You can perhaps tell him/her politely how you think it would not work and you would like the date to carry on casually and chase away any likely prospects of either of you dreaming for another one to happen soon.


Phone call, the saviour

If your phone rings while you are at your date, you have a great opportunity to call the meeting off. All you will need to run to your car, is the skill to pull off drama like a boss. Just take the phone call and look serious enough to make it appear like you cannot stick on for long. After hanging up,  all you have to tell  your date is, ‘there is an emergency, I need to go’. Now, if the chances of a call are bleak or you really do not want to hang on your string of luck, have a friend call you in 30 minutes or so pretending to have been stuck in a crisis.


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Dine like a king

Impose your choice of food on the table. Let them know how dominating you can be. And, trust us, no one likes to beat around for too long and especially never on a date. When you are ordering food for yourself, order for your date too. Be insistent on how you tried this thing and how you hit upon it after a line of bad choices of food.


Sing songs of your ex

Discuss how your ex was a cheapskate and always counted pennies even before buying breads and groceries or praise your ex far and beyond. Singing songs of your ex will trivialise the existence of the other partner on the table making him or her wonder why they are even there.


Right time to cook stories and discuss lame things

Put your partner off with random discussions. Discuss the sports match you watched last night or start a random discussion that has no connection with the flowing conversation. You can also cook up stories; tell him/her that you have had a history of schizophrenia or depression. This will make the other person to want to rush home.


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Be uptight, arrogant and opinionated

Sarcasm is often the medicine to help you out of a bad date. Be rude and upfront about the other person’s choice of dressing, food, books or anything under the sun. Take the most absurd stands to pull your weird opinion.


How about acting sick?

Excuse yourself to go to the washroom and return after 15 minutes with a sweaty forehead (which will really be water) or tell him/her that you are not feeling well.

Play a matchmaker

While you are talking, suddenly tell your date how you know someone who your date could possible go on a date.


Hide your wallet

When it is time to pay for the bill, put your palm into the pocket as if to pull out your wallet and pretend as if you’ve forgotten the wallet at home or have lost it somewhere. You could also keep munching or order cheap starters and walk out.

That you will end a date sourly is one of the likely possibilities when it is arranged over the internet or set up by a friend. If you are in a similar situation, it is always better to count your exit options in advance so that you can easily get out of any swamp.



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