How to Get My Child to Quit Swearing?

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Feb 06, 2013

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As children grow older they begin to swear more often, which is a rather unpleasant habit.  You may feel like spanking them, washing their mouth with soap water or even putting chilies in their mouth to shut them up, but this is not the solution. Read to following pointers to help your child quit this unsociable habit.

  • They pick these swear words as they become exposed to them through various means. Television is a major culprit so overlook the kind of programs they watch.
  • If you swear, control it in front of your children as parents are their children’s early role models.
  • Make them appreciate how some people may feel when they are forced to hear such swearing.
  • Encourage them to use respectful words to express their feelings and anger.  Praise them if they use polite language to express their feelings. Impress upon them that the use of well-mannered language is important and ethical.

Do not despair of your child is swearing. Many times a child uses the word without even knowing it. You have to be consistent in your approach of discouraging swearing, but most of all, parents should avoid swearing at all costs.



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