How to Gain Weight: 3 Simple Steps

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Feb 09, 2012

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Being skinny and malnourished is just as problematic a condition as being over-weight. While the former may be a result of severe nutrition deficiency, the latter is a result of excess of fat and calories deposited in the body. It is important to maintain an optimum body weight so that your body can fight against infections and diseases. If you think that you are under-weight and that you need to gain weight, there are three simple steps that you could always follow which if implemented in the right manner could give fruitful results in no time.

  • Eat, eat and eat - Yes you need to build up as many calories as possible by consuming food that are rich in nutrients and calories. Avoid junk food as it can only result in unnecessary fat gain. While shopping, you could always pick out the food items that are rich in calories. Include potatoes (for carbohydrate content), green leafy vegetables such as cabbage and broccoli, vitamin rich vegetables such as carrots, beetroots and tomatoes. It is important to have a rich breakfast to last you for the entire day. White pasta with milk and eggs can be the best breakfast menu. As for the lunch and dinner menu, include protein rich food such as fish and chicken as maximum amount of calories are found to be in such foods.
  • Exercise - The second step is to work out and make sure the calories that you build up are streamlined into an orderly fashion. Eating a lot of food without proper exercise can only make you over weight and flabby. It is recommended to hit the gym at least three times a week or you can even practice exercises at home. Doing stretches, light jogging on the treadmill, push-ups, pull-ups and bench press are good for building muscle and burning the extra fat in your body.
  • Sleep and drink water - The third step is to have lots of sleep and drink lots of water. Getting dehydrated and exhausted is the last thing you want to end up with after all the exercising. Make sure that you have at least half a gallon of water every day. Sleep is also a very important factor for gaining weight. You could have up to 8 hours of proper sleep at night, which would prove effective and revitalizing for your brain.

Follow these simple steps and you will be happy to see results within weeks. 


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  • Dheeraj16 Mar 2013

    this is nice and these tips are good coz first one is eat eat and eat by this we can definitely put weight as soon as possible, we need to take rest if we want gain weight that tym we need this tips sleep sleep sleep, thanx for this tips.

  • pooja 01 Dec 2012

    Hi i m pooja my age is 21 but my weight is 38 i m feeling very bad about my self i love to put weight pls just suggest me to increase my weight.

  • Arka10 Nov 2012

    Eat, eat and eat has to be the best advice any one has ever given me.

  • Nav 06 Nov 2012

    yes it works

  • nazim05 Nov 2012

    i tried alot of n activities but not increasing wait plzz help me

  • monty02 Nov 2012

    Hi. I am monty my age 21 but my weight is 50kg I felling is lost lost so pls help me

  • nazi27 Oct 2012

    Hi I'm nazy.I'm desperate to put om weight fast can anyone help me

  • sherly13 Oct 2012

    Hi i m sherly my age is 21 but my weight is 32 i m feelling very bad about my self i love to put weight pls just suggest me to increase my weight.

  • sushma10 Sep 2012

    Thanks for the input, I shall try to follow the 3 steps religiously:)

  • Shonali04 Sep 2012

    Thnx alote 4 ur advice

  • ramthulla03 Sep 2012

    it is really possible &great

  • Danish28 Aug 2012

    I find it amazing that gaining weight could be as simple as following the three steps mentioned above. I would surely try these out.

  • malimadhukar1@gmail.com21 Jul 2012

    Thank U very much !! Only My health for valuable guidance about 3 steps of weight gaining

  • Swetha21 May 2012

    it works really

  • John Matthews12 May 2012

    Consume a lot of high-calorie snacks (not junk food) such as cheese sticks, milk shakes, muffins, dried fruits, yoghurt and breakfast bars.For more information about Health visit stayfitnutrition website.

  • sinchan29 Mar 2012

    is it really worked?

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